Darcy’s Home!!!

Mummy! I can smell Darcy! She’s on the other side of the door!

Hurry! Hurry! Darcy’s home!

George: Did you have a good time, Darcy?
img_6840 I can smell the countryside in your hairimg_6841Darcy: Oh, yes, it was very nice but I am tired. I had a long two-hour journey back to the cityimg_6848 George: Two hours? Long?img_6852 George: Try 17+ hours!img_6853 Darcy: Well, if that’s what it takes to get you home, it has to be done, right? img_6839You’re here now and we’re altogether again!

May’s comment: Such excitement! Darcy ran in and jumped at me, grumbled at George.

George went to sit down under the desk. Darcy went to sit with him … and they had a conversation.


  1. Sian

    Such a sweet reunion! Great pics!

  2. Jill Keiser

    Safe and Sound together again!

  3. Sally Wright

    How lovely! They are so sweet together x

  4. Suzanne

    How wonderful It brings tears I can never get over the love dogs have for their”siblings ” I go slightly mad when I have to leave Maise and it has to be an important reason for me to leave her overnights. LOrdy that makes me sound odd !

  5. Ruth Tinney

    The excitement from Georgie in the video, his little happy spin and then their conversation under the desk…so sweet May. I just love following your adventures from down under and am so jealous that you are able to take the doggies to so many places, especially where food is served…we are relegated to outside only if we are lucky!

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