We’re F-I-V-E!

Happy Birthday Little Tyke!  You are five today.  And I got to go along to the parties while Georgie’s gone to the countryside for the weekend.

We went to Biscuiteers and not quite sure what was happening on the tabletop. A lot of commotion and excitement …IMG_0934 Let’s have a look …IMG_0926 I think the boys are busy icing biscuits.IMG_0924Let me try to get a biscuit for myself – no icing required.

And alas Little Tyke’s birthday cake was chocolate – not good for me. 🙁IMG_0947 After lunch at Numero 28 pizzeria, and all the boys have gone home, Mummy, Little Tyke and me – we went for a walk in the park.IMG_0964 Soon Little Tyke got off his scooter because he thought it was more fun to chase after me.IMG_0970IMG_0974And threw balls for me to fetch.IMG_0960It was a warm beautiful Sunday afternoon and so happy to have spent the day with you, Little Tyke, my human BFF! IMG_0982And then Little Tyke who can’t sit still for long, went to investigate the world and found a LadyBug. IMG_0984After showing it to us, he decided to tell everyone who walked past about his find!

May’s comment: Happy 5th Birthday, little man. Love you to the moon and back.IMG_0909


Icing party at Biscuiteers in Notting Hill and lunch at Numero 28 pizzeria a few doors away – both are very dog friendly!


  1. margaret danks

    Happy birthday little Tyke, from Maggiedog x

  2. Rita and Gracie (springador)

    Happy birthday Little Tyke 5 is a milestone..my granddaughter will reach 16 on Thursday 13th and I’m feeling old…..x

  3. Alison

    Happy birthday Little Tyke! Xxxxx

  4. julia mcevilly

    Happy 5 th Birthday little tyke!
    It looks like you had a lovely day icing biscuits and eating pizza yum yum xx

  5. Davina lawrence

    Hope you had a great day little tyke.lol Johnny poo bear Lawrence esquire xxx

  6. Cecilia

    Happy birthday Little Tyke, I love your birthday cake!

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