We’re going home sooooooon!

Our last day of running in Morden Park.  Mummy is home but we won’t see her till tomorrow.George has been so good, running off leash – And pestering me!I’ve been playing with KoloWhile George is hanging out with WinstonAll four of us really got on wellWe’ve had so much fun
The daffodils are out – posing with my latest buddy, KoloTwo wet dogs!Rest time with Winston … 🙂But I think it is time to reunite with Mummy and Impostor.Time to go home …

May’s comment: Arrived home last evening – no dogs till Tuesday. It’s strange to be home without the dogs.  I could sit and have something to eat without them looking at me. And when I came home from the airport in the early evening, I locked the door behind me – I didn’t need to go out again to walk them, especially with the rain, appreciating their absence for once.  But alas looking forward to the waggy tails and cuddles!


  1. Margaret Danks

    They will be over the moon to see their mummy. Looks like you all had a wonderful holiday.?❤️

  2. Monica Gale

    You are gonna get the welcome of your dreams tomorrow. Welcome back mummy bear <3 <3 <3

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