What coat are you wearing?

We’ve got our Pet Teezer brushes awhile ago but we have been so busy with birthdays and travels that we hadn’t a chance to properly try them out.

We’ve got both the de-tangling and deshedding options.

The de-tangling brush uses a two-tier teeth technology – the long teeth reaches down to the undercoat to remove dirt whilst the shorter teeth smooth the hair and protect against matting.  It does so gently without any tugging or pulling. That sounds good to us. And approved by George.

(George: Why are you bothering me when I’m having a nap?)

We don’t think we need the de-shedder as it’s meant for de-shedding double-coated dogs. George, nor I are shedders. Maybe just a little so we can try them too. 🙂

May’s comment:  The PET TEEZER was born out of their detangling hairbrush, Tangle Teezer which became a must-have hairbrush that effortlessly detangled with no pulling or tugging.

But not all dogs have the same coats so even Pet Teezers have two options.

I don’t groom them myself but I do brush them often. And brushes like the Pet Teezer is really good to tease away the matts.

Thought the following infographics was rather informative on how to groom the different dog coats.

Infographics provided by http://www.clippersireland.ie/dog-clipper/

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  1. Cheryl

    Thank you for the infographic, it’s going to be helpful.
    Our granddoodle isn’t a shedder, but he can mat, it’s a battle! Thank goodness he likes to be brushed. I think it must be like a massage to him.

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