What did you do on your holiday?

Darcy: I started off with spending a few days with Agnes and Pavel. I love Agnes – I am always happy to see her. I ran around Morden Hall Park every day with Kolo And we played together with the other boarders –Moose and LuckyWe ran and played.And checked out interesting objects.
Like fallen tree trunks.

They were beautiful sunny days so much so I could have done with sunglassesAfter three short days I met up with George who was with Jaffa.

George: Yes, I spent a few days with Jaffa in the country – skate boarding with Tiggy. After a few days in London, I met up with Darcy and all three of us, me , Darcy and Jaffa along with our usual gang (Churchill and Habiti), went for a walk with Joanna before we left for the House of Mutt. That was my second time there.

Sarah reported that I am a lot calmer with regards to feeding time. But she was constantly focused on me. I think Mummy told her that I could do a runner now and then. 🙂 I stayed with the rest most of the time. 🙂I had a go at agility … well, I attempted anyway.While Darcy was running around like a lunatic! I don’t get the point of all this jumping over things, running up ramps and down them! And that tunnel – they get me to go in and then they want me to come out. Seriously, I am not sure the point of it.

Mummy: I think I went on an unintended “detox holiday”. I perspired from the moment I landed and every day from waking time till I entered an air-conditioned room at bedtime. In between, I did the school run with Little Tyke and Mini Tyke, then we would come home and have a dip in the pool. We all played in the pool every day because it was way too hot.And Little Tyke and I had conversations about everythingMost of all, both the Little and the Mini wished you were both there – but that would be impossible. The three of us will be panting together. So they can’t wait to see  you both in less than two months!As for Impostor, well she had a quiet experience this time. She didn’t go anywhere except to hang around the house and having her photo taken.

I saw many dogs each morning when we did the school run and especially in the evenings when we went out for supper.I suppose it was cooler at those times of day as they wandered off to socialise and in search of food.And every time I saw a dog, I thought of you two. They made me smile but they also made me sad when I see them wandering the streets during the day. They do lead such different lives.  Most of them are not strays, but they don’t stay home like you guys do and they don’t walk on leads. George, was that once your life? You wouldn’t survive here. The big dogs would be after you. 🙁 And Darcy, you would be crying with fear every time you saw one of them.

May’s comment: April and May are the hottest months in Ko Samui. I was literally melting the whole time. Not a tropical weather person – so while I had a very enjoyable time with the munchkins – Sasha and Skye, ate well, swam lots, I am glad to be home to cooler climes! Oh, and back to blogging. :). Seven more weeks before they will see not just Impostor but the real dogs.


  1. Elizabeth Burman

    Lovely to see you three all back together again. I know what you mean about the heat May. I was in Ko Samui, in March and it was pretty warm then. It’s the humidity that gets me every time.

  2. Wonderful to see all three of you reunited ? Hope you had a nice holiday. It was a real pleasure boarding Darcy for those few days! She’s such a lovable and well behaved mutt ???

  3. Cheryl

    It’s so nice to see all of you back together again! Glad you got to visit with Little and Mini Tyke. I can’t begin to fathom how you managed to survive in that heat. Thank goodness for that amazing pool!

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