What do you think, Rocko?

We were walking in Kensington Gardens with little Vodoo, a 4 month old black cockapoo when we ran into Rocko.  We had a good run around before he decided he preferred rolling on fox poo rather than play with me!

photo-183After our walk we took the 49 bus to South Kensington …photo 1-28

when Mummy had a great idea – let’s stop for cupcakes at Hummingbird Bakery.  As there were two of us, we thought it may be too much for everyone else so we sat outside with Zara and waited while Mummy came back with the goodies. Well, none for us but we looked on … with great anticipation – always hopeful. The best one can be really.

photo 5-4 Psst, Rocko – what do you think? Shall we attempt to get a piece each?photo 4-16 Ahhh, that’s what you look like!photo 3-22But Mummy was too fast for me this time! Drats!

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