What happened last night

We started last night altogether watching telly …

Mummy’s been contemplating about letting George out of the crate at night and thought coming home on Thursday after a break – she would give it a try.

Well, the first night passed when George decided that since he didn’t get pole position as I took my usual spot – in between the two pillows – he didn’t want to sleep on the bed. Your loss, baby!IMG_6126He decided to sleep on MY bed in the bedroom. It happened again the next night. So Mummy thought – hmmm, this is a good solution, Darcy’s where she is as always and George on a dog bed and happy to be on it.

Well,  that didn’t last long. Last night, George took residence on the bed – but at the far corner.IMG_6134And I made sure I was very much in the prime position – laying my head on Mummy’s pillow (which she loves) …IMG_6132But this morning, Mummy found another dog on her pillow!IMG_6149So much for being a disciplinarian, Mummy dearest!

May’s comment: My whole concern about having George on the bed – besides hating to hear him whimper (albeit five minutes) in the crate is because he is not completely toilet trained.

But he has been very good since we got home. He had one accident after some very active playing with Darcy.  And on the first night he ended up sick – at 4:30am to be exact. He actually made his way out of the bedroom and on the way to the bathroom, he regurgitated some brown stuff.  And amazingly while in deep sleep, I heard his retching and jumped out of bed. He had the guilty look on his face but of course it was not something he could help.  So it encouraged me to know he is aware of his spaces.

He’s a bit of a wriggly worm so he can’t sit still while Darcy would.  He couldn’t figure out why I had covers over me and he couldn’t snuggle right next to my body. Eventually last night, he slept by himself in the far corner of the bed. When he woke up, he decided, he wanted to get into the picture and took position on the other side of the pillow, right next to my head!

So much for crating! I never did Darcy!

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  1. Laura cordovano

    Yay for George and Darcy. As long as George proceeds with care and allows Darcy her territory it should work out. Maybe George would like to go under the covers. I had a dog that loved to do that. I let him go between the top sheet and the quilt so he wasn’t in between the sheets…I have my limits…;-)

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