What are we blogging about today?

Hmmmm. May I read what you’ve written?IMG_4341Is it another story about George?  OK with me.  I’ll leave you to it.IMG_4340

Now that he knows it’s about him, George wanted a read too.IMG_4325 He kept telling Mummy that what she wrote isn’t all correctIMG_4328 He insisted that Mummy must change the bit that said he’s been naughtyIMG_4335 She said no, the truth must be told!

So George tried to stop her from further typingIMG_4331 He licked her handIMG_4330 And got in the way. LOL!IMG_4327George, you have to behave if you want Mummy to write good things about you! 🙂 This is not fictitious writing.

May’s comment: The truth is they’re telling me they want their breakfast! LOL!


  1. Cutie pies . Rusty leans on my laptop all the time . I think it’s his way of saying “what about me I want some attention”

  2. Alison

    Bless him. I’m sure he’s trying to say “sorry”

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