How now, Brown Cow?

Mummy wanted to go to The Brown Cow – a gastro pub on Fulham Road for a reason – which we shall explain later.

It was a rainy day so I donned my trench coat. IMG_4541 It is of course a dog-friendly place – they even have a jar of treats for us at the front – help yourselves, they say!IMG_4540 We got there first and waited for Martine and Rusty to arrive.IMG_4524 I was so excited to read the menu, I jumped up on Mummy’s lap to see what’s there to be had.IMG_4529 After a satisfying lunch and “mission accomplished” in all aspects – good human food, good atmosphere and dog friendly, we added this to our list of places to return to!IMG_4538Yes! Now we know The Brown Cow.

May’s comment: A foodie pub with carefully considered rustic decor located in the heart of FulhamIMG_4533Why did I want to go there?  Because I’ve never been and have heard good things about it – especially that it is dog-friendly.

And a foodie pub sounds like the right place for a fix of burgers and sausages before I have my gall bladder removed on Friday. The after effects of such a procedure is different for every individual. I have heard extremes where some can no longer have steak or any fatty foods. And others where after a short period have resumed eating normally. So just in case I turn out to be an “unlucky one” – but that’s relative again as not being able to eat red meat and fatty foods may mean a longer life span and probably a “lucky one” – I wanted my last meaty bite to be hearty, juicy and memorable.

So I ordered a hamburger with no bun.IMG_4531This was made to look so healthy but believe me there’s a juicy burger underneath all those greens with a slice of cheddar on top.

And Martine ordered Toad in the hole – such a traditional British dish which I’ve never had – but what a fabulous combination of sausages and Yorkshire pudding batter.IMG_4530We shared our lunch so we could have a taste of each.

Not disappointed – in fact it was perfect for my purpose!  Might be my last bite of red meat or sausages … or not!

Address: 676 Fulham Rd, London SW6 5SA


  1. Helen Barrett

    Wishing you well for the surgery on Friday . Loving seeing photos of your Darcy.. We miss our Darcy so much but seeing photos of your lovely dogs always puts a smile on our faces!

    Helen Barrett

  2. Rita and Gracie (springador)

    Don’t be such a pessamist May,a little of what you fancy does you good…..old English saying…and everything in moderation. Good luck for tomorrow. ..I’m sure all will be well. Xx

  3. Jocelyn

    Thinking of you tomorrow, I am sure you will recover well, and be able to resume your gastromical journeys
    Sending lots of love
    Jocelyn Fenton & Lucca X

  4. Alison

    Wishing you all the best for your surgery tomorrow and a speedy recovery x

  5. Laura Cordovano

    Good luck May. It will be over before you know it! Relief is on the way….xo

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