What’s in a name?

Mummy got me a personalised bottle of Coca Cola! One for herself …IMG_2731 And of course one for Little Tyke!unnamed-3 And Mini Tyke!unnamed-2May’s comment: Had to do a special order for each one – none of our names existed on their list! Share a coke



  1. Judith Vogel

    Love those names.
    Love those special cokes..I’m sure they taste better than the ordinary nameless ones!
    Will you’sssss drink from the personal bottles or will they stay on the shelf?
    Bottoms up!
    Anybody know derivation of that expression?
    Love from thirsty Judith

  2. Miss Darcy

    Well I think it’s going to be a keepsake. But even if we open it, I don’t think I will be privy to it!

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