What’s next?

Mum always thinks Christmas is anti-climatic.

After the month-long build up to Christmas, the very next day it’s all over and the focus changes immediately. It sounds strange to wish each other “Merry Christmas.” The greeting immediately changes to Happy New Year.

The Christmas playlist becomes silent for another eleven months. And even the tree that was once the focus of the festivities leading up to the 25th suddenly look forlorn and forgotten when all the presents underneath it have been given and opened. And Mum’s thinking – when we get home, we will have to put away the Christmas decorations.

In addition to all that – it was time for us to move on from Hotel Goldgasse – our “Christmas home” for the last five nights as we travel to our next destination leaving behind our Christmas 2019.

We have miles and miles to go.

Thank you Salzburg for lovely Christmas memories.

Next stop – Dusseldorf to see friends as well as to break up the trip to our next destination in the very north of Germany.

Let’s not think about that journey for the next 48 hours.

Let’s get through with this journey.

Total of seven hours later, you can see how excited we were to see Sylvia!

Hello! Hello!

May’s comment: First we took a two hour train from Salzburg to Munich. Once in Munich we made the connecting train to Dusseldorf – in good time. And then a five-hour train journey. I don’t know about the dogs, but I was tired and hungry. So glad to finally reach Dusseldorf.

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  1. Elaine Craigen

    What a lovely welcome for Sylvia!🐶🐶💕 Have fun in Düsseldorf! Xxx

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