When still feeling sad, have cream tea … and look at shoes

That’s what Mummy said.  She said, it helps to distract the mind when you have to think about what to put on first – clotted cream or jam. LOL!

So off we went to Cafe Liberty at the world-renowned Liberty department store.IMG_6397 It doesn’t take much to comfort Mummy – some scones and a cup of tea …IMG_6402As this was Cornish cream, we put on the jam and then the clotted cream. And then Mummy said, once you bite into that delicious combination and then a sip of Earl Grey tea, the delightfulness of it’s simplicity just makes everything ok again.  Savour the moment, Mummy dearest! Just know that Little Tyke and Mini Tyke are safely home – and before you know it, we will all be together again. More adventures this summer!

And don’t forget that too many cream teas, well, that lovely dress you wanted to wear … just might not fit any more.

To top it up, and blow the blues away, we went to look at shoes – IMG_6405Mummy liked this funny display of hands holding Manolo Blahnik shoes.

May’s comment: Ah, Manolos, it has been awhile since we came to see you! Have given up wearing heels a few years ago – not practical when walking the dogs, especially ones that pull or dogs that pees every 20 steps in whichever direction he chooses.IMG_6410I always love going to Liberty – I feel so at ease walking in with my two dogs and the staff smiles or does not even acknowledge our presence –  as it is not unusual, it is the norm at Liberty!

Liberty is at Regent Street in the West End of London (W1B 5AH) which sells luxury goods including women’s, men’s and children’s fashion, cosmetics and fragrances, jewellery, accessories, etc, etc.

P.S. If it’s Devon clotted cream, then it’s cream first and then the jam!


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  1. Margaret Danks

    Always cream first for me…and oh those shoes!

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