When George met Marley – again!

I met Marley about six months ago. He was like a crazed, obsessed dog. I would not let him get the better of me so we would look like we were doing a dance as we tried to dominate each other.

I was curious about him. He was just excited to see me. He would chase me and we would run round and round in his home. I would try and stop him – but we never fought. We saw something in each other – must be because we both have Yorkshire Terrier in us. And everything else made us a little different.

But the other day when Jaffa and I went to visit with Mummy, I walked in and found this strange dog. I didn’t know it was Marley. He looked different – different hair-cut, he had put on weight and his overall demeanour had changed.IMG_4890Actually when he saw Jaffa and I running into the flat, he ran away to hide, crying. He was afraid of us. But he calmed down when he saw that we were harmless and wanted to get to know him.IMG_4902Soon Jaffa and I were fighting over who gets to play with Marley …IMG_4911While he watched us from under the tableIMG_4907When we got a bit too rowdy for himIMG_4912 – he ran awayIMG_4910 He sat at a distance to watch us crazies IMG_4959He jumped up on the sofa away from the commotion we were causing – but Jaffa followed suit IMG_4925and all too soon he found us both sitting next to him!IMG_4929He ran over to his mummyIMG_4936And we both followed.

After awhile it all came back to me and I remember Marley. I think it’s time for us to get acquainted again. This time I might be the one who dominates – he has certainly become a lot more subdued.IMG_4946

May’s comment: When Afdera first met George she wanted to take him home.  Today she still thinks he’s handsome and adorable.  Thankfully she has Marley! 🙂
IMG_4955As for Marley, so glad that he has calmed down and such a sweet, sweet little fella. IMG_4877

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  1. Rita and Gracie (springador)

    Awww I’m so glad you’re still getting visitors and not lonely get better very soon. Xx ?????

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