When life give you lemons …

Humans say … you make lemonade.

We were in a taxi the other day going to Rusty’s. The cab driver was telling us about himself – I was listening to his story.IMG_6850He told us that in order to raise a family he had to work the night shift to make ends meet. In the end, the job cost him his marriage.

As a single Dad he continued to drive his cab while bringing up his two sons. Today his sons are in their early twenties, have university degrees and good jobs.

He made the best of the lemon he was handed.

Mummy said it was quite remarkable that he did not have an ounce of spite in him. Though he blamed himself for the marriage break-up, he knew that it wasn’t the sole contributing factor. With a clear conscience, he accepted the situation and moved on without a gripe.

But he wishes he could have a dog – but said it would not be fair for the dog to stay home alone given his hours. Good man, he is!  But he does have a cat and thinks animal people tend to be more caring. YES! I agree!

IMG_6851So as I looked out the window at all those people out there – I wonder how many of them have stories like his.

It was a grey rainy day but Mr. Cab Driver reminded us to make lemonade. He believe that life can turn around – thank you and for just being POSITIVE about LIFE!



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