When hoomans get us …

A day out with Mummy is always sort of fun – it isn’t always Walkies in the parks.  She prefers to have my company when she goes to all the hooman places.

One of the things we love doing together is finding places where we can eat together.  Mummy doesn’t mind eating on her own but when I am with her, she doesn’t feel she’s alone. So we seek places all the time – for variety and sometimes I think, for the challenge. What’s in it for me? Spending time with Mummy and I always get something from her plate.

Petersham Nurseries in Covent Garden is one of our favourite places.  We’ve been to the original Petersham Nurseries in Richmond but since last year they’ve opened in Covent Garden.It is what the name suggest – a nursery … with beautiful things on display for purchaseBut more than that – at their Covent Garden establishment, they have a deli Where they sell food to eat in or take away and you can also buy groceries. In the Floral Courtyard, there are two more restaurants – the more “formal” The PetershamAnd there’s La Goccia.  We had lunch there just the other day – just Mummy and me.They brought me water first – without even asking.And a few days later, we were back for breakfast.  As it was a lovely day – we tried sitting out in the courtyard. We appreciate all these lovely places that accepts us in their spaces.

It’s just the little hooman gestures that makes it so much nicer for us.  We are a part of the family and in some cases, like us, George and I are a large part of Mummy’s world. And though it is so much better these days than say six years ago, we still have some ways to go before it becomes the norm.

May’s comment: I love doing things with my dogs and I appreciate places that just get it. Our city dogs live in confined spaces, they are used to noise and they are house trained. And if they behave well, they are a lot of times more pleasant company than some humans. Every part of Petersham Nurseries in Covent Garden “are open to dogs” – the exact words of their staff when asked. We have eaten at all three of their restaurants – La Goccia, The Petersham and the Deli.

Petersham Nurseries in Richmond is also dog-friendly.


  1. harriet duggan

    I love reading your stories about your adventures! Miss Darcy is a very lucky lady! ?

  2. Kathy

    I would love it if we even had two places around here that would accept our fur babies here. Southern Indiana is so back woods. Maybe one day

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