When I got pushed around

Freedom Friday? Not quite yet. I have to still be cautious about my leg healing properly – for another month. Yup!

I was remembering the time I stayed with Martine and Rusty during my recuperation – and while Mum and Darcy were having jolly jaunts.

Rusty and I – we went for walks together. I could walk for a short period of time.

But soon I was back in a stroller.

I think Martine rather enjoyed pushing me around in the stroller. LOL!

George in his Inno=Pet stroller

See I told you she was happy – and so was I!

We did lots of fun things together – even having a beer with Rusty’s dad.

At home, I got lots of cuddles.

And chilled out with Rusty.

He was wondering why I was hanging around theirs so much. What is he doing at my home, he wondered. Well, it was for a few days before Mum came to get me.

She did come and today thank you, we took Martine and Jim to dinner at a new French restaurant just down the road in St. John’s Woods.

Soutine, named after the Russian-French painter is an informal Parisian style cafe-restaurant and quite dog-friendly. We must be on the floor and be quiet!

And then it was au revoir to Martine, Jim and Rusty.

May’s comment: A massive thank you to Martine and Jim for letting George stay while we were travelling. Appreciative of friends who can step in and help out with my pooches when you need them.

George was a gem staying in the “burbs” but for some reason back in the city, he was very fiesty. I think he gets that way in London. Maybe he doesn’t like the traffic and so many dogs.

Soutine – A French inspired brasserie cafe, Soutine is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 60 St John’s Wood High St, St John’s Wood, London NW8 7SH

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  1. Martine

    Awww lovely blog about lovely George

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