Where are we going now?

We’re just getting used to our life at Loose Reins …

Oh, hi Jane! Whoopeee! We’re going to Hebe’s and Blaze’s house?

Yay! Garden and fields to run in, and up and down the stairs.

I’ll drive, says George

The minute we arrived, Jane said we needed to go for a walk to Duncliffe Wood. This gets better all the time!

Walking along the path – because Mum didn’t want to get all muddy (eye roll!) …
George on an extendable lead of course!
Can you tell which are the city dogs?
On the way out, we met Bear – a eight month old Goldendoodle! He definitely was puppyish and definitely more Retriever!

But we soon got home and then the hoomans left us all to it!


May’s comment: Four days of solitude and now we’re back to mingling with society! LOL!

Off to lunch at a friend of Jane’s and met four lovely dogs. That’s why we didn’t bring four dogs with us!!! LOL!

PUFFIN! He’s a short-hairs German Pointer! Naughty dog! That’s why he was left outside.
Biscuit who is 15 years old – who is partly blind and deaf. 🙁

And Ditto! What a fab name!!!! He’s a whippet lurcher!
And that’s Tuppence – who will be joining us someday at our Hyde Park Meet.

Our stay at Loose Reins was marvellous and we had such a fab time away from “society” but it’s also nice to be back – meeting people and having a good ol’ jolly after Christmas lunch – in the very English countryside. I love it when I get thrown into these situation and being able to observe society.

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