How many lives have you lived, Bertie?

Bertie, some of you know, is a neighbourhood cat.  He lives at the next street but he chooses to spend his days in our mansion block.  He sits in the caretaker’s office most days. IMG_1165-580x435He gets fed and for that reason, I love going to the Caretaker’s office because there’s always food there.

Bertie is your typical cat. He sits around, doesn’t play, doesn’t like balls, doesn’t like to run and chase squirrels. He would sit and watch the world.IMG_0888-580x435And surprisingly the world seems to know he exists even though he’s so quiet.

I tried to befriend him but he’s not very friendly.  I have to keep my wits about me – if not I would get a paw on my face. IMG_1047-580x435Georgie tried his usual charm but got a hiss and a paw – and since then Georgie detests Bertie!

Over time, we tolerated each other and like he does to so many of the other tenants, he wormed his way into their flats – like he did a couple of times with Mummy. He decided to come visit.IMG_1726-768x1024 He even sat on our sofa and I let him – making sure I keep an eye on him and he on me! It was very tensed.IMG_1739-1024x768But Mummy didn’t know what to do about cats. She would happily have him stay in on a cold winter’s day during the weekend when the Caretakers were away but she wasn’t sure if he would pee indoors and we were not getting a cat litter for him!!!

Anyway, all that is academic now because it has been almost two months since any of us last saw him. Our caretaker had been to his owner’s to ask if Bertie is alright but she hasn’t seen Bertie either. She wasn’t too concerned as he’s chipped and most of us in the neighbourhood know Bertie and would have done something if he had been in an accident. But deep in our gut, we think Bertie’s left us … for good. And we miss him.

May’s comment:  A few days before Bertie disappeared the Caretaker felt that something was wrong with him. It was drizzling outside and he sat on a step and did not move. He called Bertie in and only then did he go inside the office. The next day, he laid inside and did not move. The Caretaker had thought to himself – that Bertie was never coming back again.  Sure enough, he never came back the next day and hasn’t been seen since.  He’s not an old cat – probably only about eight years – young for a cat.

A quiet soul which made an impact on a lot of us who live in the neighbourhood.  With each passing day, it seems he has left us for good.

We hope maybe he had enough of the cold and wet and somehow made it to the south of France, enjoying warmer climate and enjoying himself there. Or on a desert island – where cat litters are irrelevant.

Or maybe he has set off to Rainbow Bridge sooner than we thought.

If you’re there Bertie, please know that so many of us loved you even though we never did or said much. We’ve enjoyed having you come to visit a few times and my two pooches were afraid of you. They tried to be friends but you weren’t keen.

R.I.P. Bertie – or maybe you still have a few more lives left in you – and you’ll surprise us again one day – after you’ve been to the south of France and decide it’s time to come home to where you belong.



  1. Cecilia

    How sad! Bertie does not mom or dad only caretakers, she is a street cat? That’s very sad! 🙁

  2. Neyra

    My condolences to all

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