Where’s that rodent?

January sunshine!!! And we went for a walk with Obi-Wan in the park.

Obi gets a lot of attention. We had to stop every few steps – for passers-by to stroke him.

Er, hello!

We were not going to just let Obi get all the attention!

It wasn’t;t just the humans curious about Obi, so were the dogs!

Obi was a little nervous with all those big dogs. And amazingly – they didn’t bother me one bit.

Well, there are really more interesting things in the park …

Where are those rodents?

There were sooooo many of them – all looking fat! I spotted one!

Mum: There’s one on the tree right next to her.

I see you!

Cheeky little bugger! Just because he is behind the fence, he’s posing for the camera!

Another on the branch waving at me!

Pesky little things!!!!

Well, you know the only time that Mum doesn’t mind me getting muddy like this – is when we have a wash-n-fluff schedules right after. LOL!

But all the attention made Obi tired. Well, he is after all only 18 weeks.

But he is already very opinionated and will not give kisses if he doesn’t want to. In fact when Mum asked for one, he pushed her away!!!! LOL!

May’s comment: After days and days of grey, rainy days, the sun came out in all it’s glory!

What a lovely day to spend a day walking with friends – catching up after the New Year.


  1. Susan Doughty

    And lovely to see Physical Energy – G.F. Watts masterpiece of equestrian sculpture there in the background.

  2. nicola baker

    I love the way she stalked that squirrel. Clem just rushes in all guns blazing. Never gets them either.

    • Miss Darcy

      George is like Clem – he would rush at it while Darcy is stalking – leaving her bewildered! LOL!

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