Which platform, Paddington Bear?

A very early morning rise just so we don’t lose much of the day travelling all the way to Cornwall.

Paddington Station had re-opened and we’re some of the first passengers yesterday morning, heading out of London for the weekend. It was going to be a long journey – more than five hours to get to Newquay from London.All along the way, the fog hung low as the sun crept up into the sky.

I am a very patient traveller. I tend to snooze most off the way. but after three plus hours, I jump off the seat, stand on the floor and if I could speak, I would have said,
 “Are we there yet?

Instead, I looked at Mummy questioningly and she tells me, “No, not yet. Two more hours till we arrive.”

Two more hours?!?!?!

Finally there’s water in the horizon!We must be near.  Indeed we were. We arrived in Newquay and after a short cab ride, thank god, we arrived at our hotel, The Scarlet on Mawgan Porth.Where’s the beach?!?!?! I’m rarin’ to go!C’mon George!
The beach! The beach! We had to go past this little gate And ran down a narrow pathHurry up, Mummy! There’s a beach waiting for usAnd the sun is out!George, don’t you go speaking to strangers!Whoa! There are a lot of strangers on the beach!Let’s run away to playLet’s go into the water!
I’m afraid of the water, Darcy.” Don’t be. It’s only very shallow here.Darcy! Come back! A wave is coming!!!Oh! Oh! Oh!May’s comment: After a long journey we have arrived for our weekend in Cornwall. Staying at The Scarlet – more about this later.  Felt immediately at ease, and loving every bit of it. The best part – watching Darcy and George race down the hill and they ran and they ran on the beach – so free, so happy and oh, so loud! Darcy keeps egging George on to play!

Need to get on with the New Year’s Eve program – more later!


  1. Jill Keiser

    All I know about scenic Cornwall is from watching Doc Martin and Poldark! It was great seeing you and George enjoying the beach! I went to the Scarlet’s website and it looks like a dreamy hotel! You should have fun on your stay!

  2. Elizabeth Burman

    Wow it must have been very, very early in the morning! I’ve passed through Paddington station a number of times when I’ve visited the UK and I’ve never seen it that deserted!!

  3. Margaret Danks

    Enjoy Mawgan Porth everyone. We love it and at this time of year a lot quieter, but still with lots of friends for Darcy and George to get to know.

  4. Alison Mullett

    I love the beach too Darcy and George! Enjoy your Cornwall break; I’m very envious. Happy new year to the three of you. Looking forward to reading your 2017 adventures.

  5. Shelley Turner

    Wow Darcy and George, that beach is Ruby and Red’s favourite one, they love to run and play fetch and Paddling in the shallow water! Hope you all have fun, Mawgan Porth is lovely. Happy New Year to you all.

  6. Vikki Tabor

    I would love to take my boy jake on holiday but hate cars, seeing how you took Darcy & George on a five hours train journey I’m thinking maybe I can be brave enough this year to take him away by train ? thank you for the inspiration. And happy new year to the 3 of you.x

    • Miss Darcy

      Persevere! And truly practice makes perfect. Darcy was never a problem. George was nervous but now he’s ok with trains. He still pants anxiously in cars.

  7. Denise Williamson

    Darcy and George look to be having a fabulous time racing Round the beach so free. They are such good travellers to. Enjoy your New Years break.

  8. Janie Instance

    My mum took me to Mawgan Porth on Thursday and I chased all the girlies especially the little ones! Not sure what I did wrong but on Friday I seem to have lost my nuts! Have a nice holiday and if I see you on the beach I’m the handsome boy (I look like Darcy) with the plastic bucket on my head! Love Teddy

    • Miss Darcy

      We missed you by one day. If you’re coming to Mawgan Forth again – we’re here today and leaving tomorrow!!! Let us know! Would love to have a beach run with you!

  9. Lucca

    Happy New year to all three of you from the three of us XXX

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