Who would have thought?

May’s commentary for this special day:

Who would have thought ….

That I would wake up in the morning with a dog in my bed

That I would lay a towel out for her every night on my pristine white sheets

That I would beckon her to come and sit next to me on my sofa

Or love those kisses she gives me morning, noon or night?


Who would have thought …

That I would meet people I do not have much in common

That we have become friends because of our pooches

That I would be organising dog meets on weekends

Or talk about the condition of their excretions?


Who would have thought …

That I could become so enamoured by a four-legged hairy faced mammal

That I would interrupt the carefully thought out home decor with brightly coloured toys

That I would find doggy apparels so cute and in constant pursuit of the perfect collar

Or scatter towels, blankets in every room for her comfort?

Waxed coat - the Barbour look with my poppy from Earth Bound

Who would have thought …

That I would find a friend so loyal and always happy to see me

That I would run out from the movies even before the credits come on to placate my separation anxiety

That I would think about her everyday I am away, counting the days when I will return

Or wonder if I should get her a baby sister? (NO!!!! says my friends)


As much as I would love to hear Darcy tell me  …

That she loves me as much as I love her

That she will be my best friend forever

That her excessive tail wagging is specially just for me

She already has, in her own language of love


And the best thing …

She helped me realise that I can love more than I thought I am capable of!

It wasn’t an easy start, it wasn’t a love bond from the beginning

I had many moments of doubts and selfish thoughts

But I have since cannot imagine life without my furry friend.

A “Darcy” has definitely entered my life

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