Why so many?

It’s weeks like this past one that Mum realised she was not crazy to have more than one Equafleece for each of us.

All week – it rained.

Wet streets and pavements …

It may not have rained all day, but it rained some every day or every night which made the parks super wet and muddy!

Looks lovely?
Look closer
Joanna sent these pics to Mum and she gasped!!!!
Mum: Why are you walking on the the muddiest parts of the park?!?!?!?
Mum, you put us in these clothes, we thought it means its ok for us to play in the muddiest of parks.
The Orange Dash
The Blue Play
The Pink Rage
Got told off by police dog Crumpet!
The end-result.

After a week of rain, we finally ran out of colours – so Mum had to do the laundry!

Oh wow! Our Equafleeces filled up the washing machine!
It wasn’t ergonomic to wash just two Equafleeces each day.
Er, we’re missing a few colours. LOL!

May’s comment: This is not an advertising for Equafleece.

Fuchsia, orange, navy, blue, fluorescent yellow for George and red for Darcy.
NOTE: Marie Kondo style of folding!

They don’t need our help. They are doing just fine. It’s just that sometimes I wonder why I have so many of them. Well, this week proved its point.

They came home after every walk – their Equfleeces wet and muddied.

I couldn’t wash them fast enough. Some days they wore two different colours!


  1. Jill Keiser

    How do you know what size to get?

    • Miss Darcy

      There is a size chart – you measure the length of their backs – that’s the most important measurement. Then you get to choose if you want them regular or slim fit or it seems now extra slim fit. We went regular because slim fit matts them more.

  2. Cheryl

    As much as I look forward to Spring and warmer weather, I don’t look forward to the mud that comes with it!
    Hope you are feeling better, May!

    • Miss Darcy

      The one week long bug has done its week’s worth. Amazingly in one week, I have turned the corner! Thank you for asking!

  3. James Glover

    We came late to the Equafleece party, but have caught up fast. Completely agree they are invaluable.
    DeDe has pink and cobalt blue with dark purple on order and Dante has red and teal with blaze orange on order. Three sets is the perfect rota.
    I’ve really noticed the bath plug isn’t getting blocked any more because the dirt is on the Equafleece!*
    *this is not an advert for Equafleece

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