Wir waren im Fernsehen in Deutschland – auf RTL.

A few weeks ago, someone from the German TV company, RTL called Mummy and asked us about the food that we eat. We told them about Honey’s and how we eat raw … 

They wanted to film us when we were at Mungo & Maud shopping for dog treats
img_1311 Then they showed the food that we eat at home – raw minced with mushy peasimg_1321 And we showed them very dog-friendly Lucio, one of the best Italian restaurants in London.img_1323who upon request, served a pan-fried chicken paillard for us. Thank you Ulrich, for our treat!

This is a little snippet of Mummy being interviewed at Mungo & Maud talking about food and nutrition.

May’s comment:  The RTL correspondent, Ulrich told us that in the midst of all the sad news, he wanted to do a happy story – and what can be better than dogs! It was aired in Germany today!

They found us through the blog. It was a short feature about gourmet dog food as four in the UK.  We talked about feeding raw – and introduced them to the idea. If we care about what we eat, why shouldn’t we give thought to what our pets eat. And to mention that expensive doesn’t equate the best in content.

This is the link to the RTL short feature on gourmet dog food.

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