Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen

So glad we’re not going on another train today. Instead, we get to explore Copenhagen for the day. It is a shame we couldn’t stay here for longer as there are some beautiful Copenhagen hotels!

First photo op – the Tivoli Garden gates. We’re not allowed inside but we couldn’t pass up this opportunity.We found the pedestrian shopping streets which were already quite busy at 10am – I suppose, its the last weekend before Christmas.  Lots of Christmas decorations. Pretty window displays and funny ones. And then some over sized scary ones!We found the two shops Mummy wanted to visit – Illums BolighusAnd Royal Copenhagen.They’ve been hand-painting since 1775? Let’s hope they’ve done better than what’s on the wall!

We walked through the Christmas Market but soon turned off into quieter streets – it was getting too crowded.I checked out a few thingsof interest …And then ho! ho! ho! What have we got here? Who left their washing outside?Mummy was quick to point out that Santa’s getting his suit cleaned before he makes his marathon journey like what we’ve been doing. There were lots of little ages we could sit outside for a drinkFor some tempting cheese cakeOr maybe even a sandwich?But Mummy was determined to find that one restaurant where we were allowed indoors. So we gave all these a past.

By then, our feet and under belly were all covered with street grit and dirt. We had woken up this morning to a sunny day – and Mummy thought – lovely, let’s go out without coats for once. But she had not realised that to had snowed in the night and the light snow had all melted – the streets were completely damp, with puddles and lots of grit. So not a happy Mummy – but we all went back to the hotel to have a wash and a blow dry before we went any further.

Then it was George’s turn – waiting for his blow dry! LOL!

After we were all cleaned up, we called a taxi that would take dogs – not all do – and we went in search of the one dog-friendly restaurant – Allegade 10 near the Frederiksberg Park.And indeed we were sat at a table. It is a traditional restaurantServing traditional Danish cuisine.Mummy shared the sausages with us.

When Keld, the owner of the restaurant heard we were there, he came over with a bowl of water.And asked if we were allowed some meat balls. But of course!!!

For Mummy, that was a mission accomplished – one dog-friendly restaurant in Copenhagen.

We thought to check out the Frederiksberg Gardens – one of the largest and most attractive greenspaces in Copenhagen – established by King Frederik IV, it was designed in the romantic English style!

Before we entered the gardens, we watched hoomans big and small on the skating rink.On entering the ground we were greeted by the man himself – King Frederik!In the gardens, we had to stay on our leashes the whole time.  As we walked along, we caught a glimpse of Frederiksberg Palace – this was King Frederik’s summer retreat. As we started to make our way out of the park, the sun was already setting – it was only 3.30pm.We could have walked back to the hotel but I think Mummy was tired.  We called for a taxi that would take dogs – and waited by the museum next to the skating rink,  we saw lots of doggies. And then we saw a doodle!!! And he saw us!That was our first doodle sighting!

Well, that was a more interesting day of discovering parts of Copenhagen instead of seeing fleeting images of the countrysides and names of towns from inside the train. And we found one dog-friendly restaurant – mission accomplished!!! But tomorrow we back on them again – this time we’re going to a friend’s house and to see Maddie!

May’s comment: Taking a break from travelling for a day – but was thinking of going to Gothenburg for an overnight before going to Oslo, but couldn’t find a nice dog friendly hotel! That decided the journey for us.

Tomorrow will be an early start – train is at 08.27 – up early for walkies, finish packing – so relieved to be done with their raw food – less to carry. I keep hoping the massive wheelie would get lighter but its going very slowly at the moment.

Besides, we’re heading towards colder weather and we may be wearing more clothes – so that might help.

We found ONE dog-friendly restaurant in Copenhagen!  The hygiene law does not allow dogs inside restaurants, food stores and shopping malls. You can sit outside many of the places – they usually allow dogs but we found one that at least allow the dogs inside – albeit the bar area. A very traditional restaurant that serves Danish cuisine.  The whole place would be classified as “gemutlich” in Germany!

The reason dogs are allowed into the bar area is because Keld, the owner of the restaurant loves dogs – he has two Malteses.

Restaurant Allegade 10 is at – Allegade 10, 2000 Frederiksberg


  1. Karin

    Copenhagen is really beutiful! We love to go there, i’ts only 1h from where We live.
    But a pity you missed Gothenburg, also a very nice city. Next time check Post Hotel in the city center, there is dogs allowed and it is a very nice hotel.

    • Miss Darcy

      If we had thought about it a little more, we would have stopped in Gothenburg but we were running out of time for the Norwegian requirement for pets to be dewormed within five days of entry. If we did that we would be cutting it too close. But we are getting off for an hour – so we will wave to it!

  2. Cheryl

    I love your photos and descriptions, it’s so fun to learn and discover new places.
    Continued safe travels!

  3. Jennie

    Hotel pigalle in Gothenburg allows dogs, and also hotel bellora.
    Most of the restaurants in Gothenburg also allows dogs, Barabicu, made in china, mrP, bellora, pigalle, taverna averna, Levantine.

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