Working Girls – Part 2

Today was my turn to work. I was modelling for a new line of dog collars and leashes.  Very cool – Made in England, beautiful leather.

IMG_1345Getting a blow dry

We were a motley crew and amazingly well behaved!

IMG_1340 IMG_1341

IMG_1370L to R: Me (cockapoo), Dylan (dachshund), P.J. (Sheltie), Alice (Wired Fox Terrier)

IMG_1342Roxy, a Puggle (Pug and Beagle)

 What we didn’t understand was why we, the working members were not given lunch when the humans took lunch break.


 But we did get special treats for our efforts.

IMG_1375Dried liver treats homemade by Ann Saunders.

After a final shoot by the river, Dylan the dachshund and I were on the train back to London. We were knackered!  We didn’t run, we didn’t do much but we were all a bit confused why we were asked to sit still and then got treats. We were asked to walk and then we went back to where we started and walked again.  Mentally draining, I must say.


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