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สุนัข (Su Nak) means “dog” in Thai

Mummy took all these pictures of pooches in Ko Samui from the car as she was driving by.

May’s comment: There are so many “strays” on the island. They somehow “belong” to someone, as in they return to a certain place to be fed.  Most of the time you see them scavenging on streets. They are often chased away like nuisance.  Even when they belong to someone they tend to roam the streets or neighbourhood all day and then return “home” in the evening.

They lie on concrete so it’s not as hot as on the sand. Sometimes they are wounded from fights. Quite a few times they are crippled from being run over on the roads – you see some of them standing by the roadside waiting to cross – the older ones that is. The little ones learn but there are of course a few casualties. It’s heartbreaking to see them.  They are survivors.

One day along the road we saw a little puppy. As we approached, it ran back inside the bushes and I saw it “protecting” another pup. The next day, in the same area were two other puppies. There must have been a litter and at a few months, they were learning to survive.

These are the only pictures I could take from a passing car. There are so many, many more. I wish I was able to take the wounded to the vet, especially the injured ones, give them all a bath and feed them. But I realise that’s not the an important aspect. These dogs lead a free life, although it looks pitiful to me.  They co-exist with the humans. They don’t have  a cuddly relationship. Whenever I approach them, they are friendly, wag their tails but cautious and frightened – you can’t get  close to them except when they are still young and haven’t learnt about the harsh realities. I brought a bag of kibbles to give them treats but they’re suspicious of anyone giving them food or being kind.

From this observation of dogs in Ko Samui, I realise I should never feel guilty or anxious leaving Darcy at home for a few hours, or when if I don’t have the time to go for another long walk. Miss Darcy has a well cared for lifestyle compared to these Su Naks. Don’t worry, Missy, I’m not abandoning you to the streets.  And I love you smelling clean and fluffy. And you will always be pampered.  You are after all a London dog!

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