10 Things I Learnt about “HWHNN”

So it’s been a week since dinky little “He-Who-Has-No-Name” entered our home.  He was a very unsure little mutt – he had no idea where he was.  It’s been interesting observing him this past week and these are some of the things I have observed about him.

1. When he’s excited he runs in circles. Here’a picture of him in a blur!IMG_4226

2. He’s teeny weeny he fits nicely into Mummy’s bag – and he feels quite secure in it without giving Mummy a bad shoulder, like I do!IMG_3828 IMG_4524

3. He’s very well socialised with dogs … both big and small. He has no fear of them.IMG_4108 IMG_3984He loves to play with all of them and then bothers me at home.IMG_43084. He’s a charmer. He would easily roll on his back for anyone for a tummy rub. IMG_4114 IMG_4111Because he’s only a small dog, he doesn’t threaten anyone when he jumps up for affection. They all fall for his charm. IMG_4281 IMG_4104But after the initial strokes, he always looks back to see if Mummy is still there. And when he has his fill of affection, he would run back to Mummy and jump up at her so she can hold him. When I jump up at anyone, they start shouting “DOWN!” – they think I am going to eat them or something like that!!!!

5. When it comes to the topic of pee and poo, I have to tell you that his poos are bigger than mine!!!!  Whoa! And he’s only half my size and half my weight!  And he isn’t used to peeing on the pavement. Mummy would walk for hours before he would finally give in. Otherwise, Mummy takes her to a friend’s garden down the road and with immediate effect! IMG_43696. He’s afraid of BIG vehicles whether they are moving or not. The first couple of days he would put on the brakes whenever he saw one coming down the road. But now he just walks to the other side of Mummy’s legs.  I guess he must have encountered many big noisy vehicles during the days before he was captured.

7. He doesn’t understand any command in English! I wonder if he even understands Hungarian commands since he never had anyone to tell him what to do. But a week later, he has learnt to sit on command – and even better, he knows his place of order.  Here we are sitting before we are allowed inside and he’s sitting behind me!IMG_4525

8. He doesn’t bark much. At most he whimpers when he’s put into his crate at bedtime. He does it for about five minutes and then goes all quiet. Then Mummy worries if he’s ok. She’s tempted to go check on him. It won’t be long before he’s on the bed – it’s a matter of weeks, maybe even days.IMG_42199. Like his ex-countryman Harry Houdini, he’s an escape artist! Twice he had managed to push the puppy gate aside and came out to play with me while Mummy was away. Mummy was both surprised and really quite pleased to be greeted by two instead of one!  As for Harry – that’s a good name too.IMG_4331

10. He’s a lovebug. He loves to come and sleep next to me wherever I am.IMG_4445But yesterday I chose to sit next to him at the back of the car.IMG_4326


  1. Michelle Broadley

    I have loved reading about HWHNN and Miss Darcy this week and have fallen in love with Bono aka HWHNN. This little dog has so much character he deserves a name and so much love. He has captured my heart and I would take him home in a minute but located in Spain. Miss Darcy don’t you think it would be nice to have a compadre? I’m sure Mummy has enough love to spare. Good luck HWHNN wishing you love and joy for the rest of your life but most if all a name!! xx

  2. Laura Cordovano

    My heart is melting reading about these two. Keep the photos and stories coming May! You are doing an amazing job. Xo

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