Remember my last croissant – ages ago?

It was last week Thursday when I shared my last croissant (and coffee time) with Mummy. The past seven days have been a bit of a barren terrain in terms of Mummy time – so this has been a welcomed change.

We were at Lido Cafe, IMG_4570one of our favourite places to stop at the park. I finally got to sit on Mummy’s lap again to share her croissant.

Sorry, I can’t pose for photo while the croissant awaits!IMG_4542We were there to meet Spencer and his mummy Vicky. IMG_4575Spencer, is HWHNN’s fourth cockapoo encounter since he arrived in London. IMG_4559He has no idea what awaits him this Sunday at our cockapoo meet in Hyde Park!IMG_4562And they played really well together … Spencer plays catch your tail!IMG_4576 It was hilarious watching him chase HWHNN who soon caught on and ran with his tail between his legs!!! IMG_4577

After we were done, dinky HWHNN got some crumbs. That’s ok. He didn’t know what it’s about anyway – so what he doesn’t know, he won’t miss – as far as I’m concerned! 🙂IMG_4551May’s comment: The day before was trying to share a moment with the two of them when I realised Darcy had just been stung by a wasp. So we didn’t get a moment to enjoy Lido Cafe with HWHNN!

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