1,000,000 Pets and More

When we landed at Charles de Gaulle, we were finally on the last leg of our journey.  Here’s me on the luggage trolley as we waited for Mummy’s bag.IMG_5077 Goodbye Charles de Gaulle – we’ve sen a lot of you this past week.IMG_5080Stewart came to pick us up again to cross the Eurotunnel.

IMG_5085 When he stopped for me to have a pee, Mummy picked up a little flower to put in my hair.IMG_5082Before we crossed the tunnel we had to stop at the Pet Reception. IMG_5090 Chipped? Yes. IMG_5087 And this is where we saw that more than one million pets have travelled on the Eurotunnel. This is Lady – and she’s the one millionth pet on 22 May 2013! And Eurostar wouldn’t take us!IMG_5089

This is my ticket that says I have permission to enter the UK – whoopee!IMG_5094Back on England soil … clouded over 🙁IMG_5093May’s comment: If Eurostar would take pets, life for us would be so much easier. Maybe the Germans could be nicer and take us instead.

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