Il mio Milano

Mummy lived in Milano a long time ago and still have many friends there. She wanted to share it with me one day but it so happened that she needed to be there just after our trip to Stockholm.  So we continued our journey on from there.

We arrived at the home of my new friend, Victoria and her Mummy and Daddy.  They live in a lovely building with a very large door which led into a courtyard garden.IMG_4765IMG_4924When we first arrived, Mummy needed to get her orientation again so Manuela (Victoria’s mummy) showed us the map while I discovered Barbie.IMG_4681When Victoria came home from school, she played with me and got me to do tricks for her.IMG_4783 IMG_4785One evening when Mummy went out for her big gathering, she thought it was best that I stayed home.  IMG_4931I was a little uncertain what was going on so I stayed close to my new best friend, Victoria and even went to bed with her … till Mummy came home.IMG_0539IMG_0541 IMG_0550Besides that, Mummy took me everywhere.  We saw a lot of dogs everywhere but we met only one that looked something like a cross between a cocker spaniel and something. Leo was a rescue dog so they don’t really know what she is.  We’d like to think she’s a cockapoo but why was he a rescue dog? Well, at least now he’s at his forever home.IMG_4990

I was allowed into most restaurants – it was important that we were allowed into Mummy’s favourite – Trattoria Milanese.IMG_4711I met several of her friends – and more that I have not met because Mummy decided I should not go to the memorial dinner for her ex-boss.  They said I must attend the next gathering though so I am looking forward to that!

But everywhere we went, people stopped to talk to us. Whether at the bus stops, on the bus, on the tram IMG_4922

This photo was taken by a bus passenger who asked if he could take a photo of me. It happened quite often.  People would speak to Mummy all the time.
IMG_4917IMG_4823 We love the old trams … and here’s another photo from someone who asked about me.IMG_4826We went shopping and we didn’t come across any that said no to me – but then we did not try the big department stores. IMG_4753But if you’re in Milan why would one need to go to a department store!

We even found a beauty parlour for me. So Mummy’s relieved and made an appointment for me. IMG_4868She especially liked the bow on my ears! She was so delighted with it she is asking if our London groomer can do the same for me back here.IMG_4872All that said, the best moment was when we took a walk along the Naviglio – the neighbourhood where Mummy lived. The artist studios, the pretty courtyards, the restaurants where she used to go to and she showed me the building where she lived at 69 Ripa di Porta Ticinese. IMG_4912She told me she had a lovely time there. Her friends would come for supper or more often tea on the first Sundays of every month where there is an antique market along the canal.   She showed me a few of the many things that she had bought from there that she has in our home.IMG_5129 IMG_5131

We left Milan yesterday. I said goodbye to my friend, Victoria. IMG_4956I hope she will come visit or we’ll go visit again in November. And they’re thinking of getting a cockapoo! Hooray!

And I can’t wait to return to Milano. They like us dogs – maybe for the exception of some taxi drivers. Most of them time, people would say to Mummy – che carino! (so cute!)

May’s comment:  She liked that a lot! It was really interesting to walk the streets where I once lived over 20 years ago. My mind was filled with images and memories of the years spent there.  There were happy one and not so happy ones but I was able to reflect on them, almost as a third-party.  Maybe Darcy was a reminder of my present, the NOW – and what happened in the past shall stay there.  And what’s fab is that I have now added to my memories of these places with Darcy being a part of them.

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