Faithfully, I wait by the door …

When Mummy goes out, I like to sit by the door to wait for her. She doesn’t know that – so Stacy took some photos of me to provide evidence.

Here I am today, lying like a rug waiting faithfully. In the meantime I gathered she had gone to lunch at Thomas Cubitt!  And I KNOW they allow dogs in. What? Sammy said I couldn’t go. Boo!

Mummy took photos of the dogs that were there – these four and two others – please rub salt in my wound!

IMG_0561 IMG_0562 IMG_0563

Then Mummy came home … and I got a hug and I gave her a Kiss! She explained that Sammy wanted some adult time today – our last meal before they leave. OK, all’s forgiven.



May’s comment: Yes, Thomas Cubitt is soooo dog friendly. And so are the other three of their restaurants – The Orange, Pantechnicon and Grazing Goat.

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