Dear Little Tyke

Tomorrow you will be leaving London to go home to Thailand. I have so enjoyed the last four months with you.

Memories we’ve had quite a few … and these are just the highlights we managed to capture on camera.


IMG_9758 IMG_2628 IMG_3016 IMG_3257 IMG_7355 IMG_7180


photo 1

IMG_8623 IMG_9706 IMG_9878 IMG_9943 IMG_9971 IMG_0070 IMG_0080

It’s hilarious that you pretend to be like me – much to the chagrin of your parents!


IMG_6209But there were many more moments that we’ve shared.  I can’t speak your language but they say actions speak louder than words …



… and I hope these next few photos will let you know that I will always be by your side, and to protect you whenever I possibly can.

IMG_7934 IMG_7933

IMG_9905 IMG_0030 IMG_0162

I love you Little Tyke! Keep growing, keep learning and keep being the beautiful Little Tyke that you are. And I will be here waiting for you when you return.




  1. oh cute… love the first picture

  2. Liz Moore

    Each one of these photographs is an absolute treasure. You captured brilliantly many touching and special moments and experiences – it’s so lovely to see in photographs the bond between Darcy & LT grow, from their tentative reunion four months ago to today. Beautiful!!!

  3. Nicola

    Oh goodness, you are going to miss them very much. Lots of lovely memories.

  4. jill

    What wonderful photographs to capture a very special relationship. You are both going to miss them all so much. xx

  5. Fiona Weller

    Just gorgeous 😀

  6. Melody

    They have such a special bond……what lovely photographs to treasure forever.

  7. Dear little Tyke you will be sadly missed.But lots of visits I hope.Love Shirley,Mimi and Badger.x

  8. maryse olifson

    Sasha, you must be a very special boy. Love

    • Miss Darcy

      He is. He’s my best friend and I hope I will be his someday. At least of the furry type. x

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