Kill joy

Look at all these dogs being banned. Please note:  cockapoos are not banned – as far as I can tell from the visuals.
But those Westies, whoa! They are definitely banned quite often!
IMG_1810mjYUEUSNo dogs sign, vectorLabradors and look-alikes are not getting good press either …IMG_6388
600px-Perros_No.svg no-dogs-allowed1They must have quite a reputation for doing this that they have been singled out!il_570xN.523976524_7hgk Oh yes, these ones frighten me – so I am glad humans think the same – ban them!daj-prednost-v-jazde no-dogs-allowed-sign.eps
Dogs-Allowed-Sign-Isolated-1330137Yup! Says it all!no-dogs-allowed-sign-annoyed-imageBut what breed of dogs are these?!?!?!stock-vector-no-dogs-or-pets-sign-vector-illustration-52248700 stock-vector-no-dog-sign-110091503This is a bassett hound but starting to look a teensy weeny bit like a cockapoo – getting a little too close to
Oh here we go! This looks just like George!  He’s banned! LOL!IMG_5041No way!  They are welcomed?IMG_4716What do we think of these signage?dog-peeing-no-dogs-sign-25183833That said – this could be a cockapoo …stock-photo-no-dogs-allowed-sign-photo-isolated-on-white-123201034-2


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