Says it all!

We’ve been having a lot of luck of late finding more dog-friendly places near us.  Our world is expanding!

We always walk past The Chelsea Quarter Cafe on the King’s Road – with all the yummy cakes in the window and Mummy wishes she could go in with us. Well, she finally stopped to ask and even before she opened her mouth, they waved her in along with George!
IMG_3656 Georgie studying the menu with Ann.IMG_3335 Waiting to be served.IMG_3337 Nothing new there – red velvet cake!IMG_3645This says it all –  IMG_3643Happy Mummy! IMG_3336May’s comment: Yup! All one has to do is ask!  Sometimes it’s a “no” and all too often, we are surprised – when we least expect it.

The Chelsea Quarter Cafe – located on the busy Kings Road – where we walk past often on our way to Purple Bone, Duke of York Square or to the Chelsea Farmers Market.  It’s open every day from 7:30am till 6:00pm.

Address: 219 King’s Road – across from William Yeoward, close to the Chelsea Fire Station.IMG_3344

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