Looking back to a year ago by George

Hi! It’s George again!

While Darcy is running around like a mad dog in Suffolk I wanted to take today to tell my story – for those who do not know much about me.

You see, a year ago today, I started on my journey – to a new life.  

I was just another stray wandering the streets in a town in Hungary.  One day, I got culled and was thrown behind bars as if I had done something wrong.  There were lots of other dogs there.  The place was one of many Killing Stations in Hungary – not a very nice name, is it?

It wasn’t exactly a “shelter” as the cages were outdoors. I got some water but I had lost my freedom to go in search of food.  And if no one came to take me out within 14 days, I would have been dead meat – literally.10403001_710252649087489_6948918184999128921_nWell, I was lucky because one of the local shelters saw me in there – and deemed that I can be re-homed. They informed Hungary Hearts Dog Rescue a charity in the UK and immediately, this rather unflattering photo of me appeared on their Facebook page asking for donations to get me out. I had three days remaining before my death row.

There was another dog alongside me that was also being saved from the same Killing Station – he was called Poppy. It was Poppy who had caught Mummy’s eye.  Yes, Poppy was a boy.  As in case after case, the members of Hungary Hearts Dog Rescue donated towards my release and vet fees.

Well, I made it out just in time.

Once out, I was given a check-up at the vets, castrated (no more hanky-panky), vaccinated, chipped and given a passport to travel to the U.K. should anyone wanted to give me a chance at a new life.

I was also given a quick haircut so potential adopters could see my gorgeousness …1743434_285254465018153_2096288585_n-580x326-2And I stayed at a local foster home for awhile for them to assess my wonderfulness.10668258_285259608350972_1384405692_n-2-3Till today Mummy wondered why they left that long strand of hair on my tail.

I wasn’t looking my best yet. I was just another little black dog – a bit scrawny with lack of pigmentation on my lower lip, weepy eyes and a crooked jaw which resulted in a protruding lower right fang.

Well, no one spoke for me. I didn’t know that then.

Mummy told me that she had been thinking of number 2 but felt too guilty to get a new born now that she had learnt through charities like Hungary Hearts that there are lots to be rescued.  Me, for one.  It was on her mind so much, she thought she would just inquire after Poppy. Can you believe she did that?

But Hilda told her Poppy was long spoken for.  But Hilda asked if Mummy could possibly foster me as I, then called Bobo have nowhere to go.  And if I have not been adopted or fostered I would miss the next ride to the U.K.

Mummy hesitated – that came out of nowhere and she was put in a position to finally do something more than just sending money. She had all sorts of conditions – only 11 days because she was off on another long trip. No worries, said Hilda. As long as I have been fostered it will be easier to find me a home while I am already in the UK.  After a lot of conditions, she finally made up her mind, when Hilda said – there was no need as someone else had offered to foster me.

Then she felt really bad. She felt that she had let me down. She took long walks in the park to discuss with her friends what had happened. Was she not ready to put into action what she thought she would do?  She was really upset with herself for her unpreparedness and selfishness.  Only then did she realise what it meant to her. You know how it is, when you lose something is when you appreciate it more. She went home after a very long walk that day to find an urgent message from Hilda. The fosterer who offered to take me could no longer do so – can she please take me or I will be left behind. Mummy knew then it was her second chance to get this right.

So that gave me the opportunity to get on the Transporter Van – a year ago today.

About ten of us started on our journey across Europe – from Hungary to Calais.  It seems the route of the migrants.IMG_3772-2You can see me – I’m the one on the top right of this photo looking out the other way.

And this is me – inside the top left cage. And I believe that is Poppy next to me on the right. IMG_3769-2And so our new lives began …

We spent the night in Calais before crossing the Eurotunnel to the U.K. – a year ago tomorrow.

May’s comment: For more information about Hungary Hearts Dog Rescue – http://www.hungaryheartsdogrescue.com


  1. margaret danks

    Bless you May. Who knows what might have happened to Bobo, aka HWHNN, now our little George? Fate stepped in and brought this lovely little soul into you and Darcys lives and she just adores him now.

  2. Neyra

    God brings us blessings in different forms.

  3. Debbie jennings

    He like miss D is gorgeous. I believe things happen for a reason and this is life’s way of saying he is for keeps.

  4. Laura Cordovano

    George has bought so many smiles to my face. Its amazing how his presence touches everyone.

  5. Laura Cordovano

    In George there is hope.

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