First Day of my (New) Life

adventure-was-going-to-happen-winie-the-poohIt’s George again!  Darcy told me I could take as many blog postings as I want to share my story to help others consider adopting a rescue.

A year ago today, myself and nine other Hungarian stray dogs started on our final leg of our journey from Budapest to the U.K.

All our fosterers and adopters were informed with ETA for each part of the country. So imagine – the Transporter Van that had been on the road from Hungary across the continent now, they still have to stop at four different places throughout the U.K. to deliver us to our new forever homes and in my case – to my fosterer.

We went through DEFRA checks at Calais with ease.  It was time to cross the Eurotunnel to get over to the U.K. We made everything in good time. Some were dropped off at Folkestone and the next stop – South Mimms Service Center just outside of London.

When they finally stopped at the car park and opened the door – I saw a woman coming up to me and I put my paw up to her. “Hello!” I said. “Who are you? Are you nice?”  I didn’t know she was my “foster Mummy”, I just like people because humans have been kind to me so far – they give me food.IMG_3767-7The man who drove the van took me out of my crate and gave me a cuddle.IMG_3775-2I needed a little walk to stretch my legs.  They quickly put a collar on me that was Darcy’s .  “Foster Mummy” was told to bring along a collar and a tag with her contact details on it but it was too big for my scrawny neck.IMG_3776-2This is Kim who drove Mummy to South Mimms.  She helped “foster Mummy” a lot in getting things ready for me.

I was, as you can see, really love attention and very happy to give attention to all humans. And I believe that’s Poppy right next to me.IMG_3782 Then “foster Mummy” gingerly picked me up.  She said I was featherweight!  I haven’t been picked up a lot either so rather unsure about this.IMG_3790-3 We quickly got into another vehicle and this time I wasn’t in a crate.  I wasn’t quite sure how to sit as I have never travelled in a car before and especially not sitting on someone’s lap. IMG_3804-580x435-2I was nervous. I didn’t know what was in store for me next. It was a long car ride and I don’t think I ever sat down. I stood on “foster Mummy’s” lap the whole drive looking out at the new world before me.IMG_3811-5When the car finally stopped and we got out of the car, “foster Mummy” had put me on the ground for me to walk but I have never walked on a lead before. I put on all the brakes. Mummy had to carry me the rest of the way to where we were going.IMG_3813-5 Awaiting for me was a crate – with a blanket and a teddy bear. IMG_3816 But first things first, “foster Mummy” gave me a wash. And I needed one.IMG_3821When Kim left, and all the hype died down, “foster Mummy” sat looking at me in my crate, IMG_3916And I was thinking – What happens now? Am I in captivity again?  Is this my new life? How will I get food? What do I do in here?

The story continues …

May’s comment: A year ago today, I met George.  I will never know when he was born – so we do not have birthdays but instead anniversaries of the day we met.  As someone said “Happy Gotcha Day!”

A year ago today was also the day of the Scottish Referendum – and for a moment George was almost called Hamish. But since it did not go their way, we thought George, was a more regal English name and one day their king. 😉  But George was actually named after Mr. Clooney – on the day the  was a bachelor no more!


  1. Tory Johnston

    What a difference a year makes. He looks so tiny and vulnerable there. And look at hom now !! Happy Anniversary Georgeous and May – you deserve each other.

  2. margaret danks

    I remember your Gotcha day well wee Geordie- that’s the Scottish version of George. I can’t believe a year has passed already and I look forward to many more of your blogs sweet little George.

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