The Trio tackles snoring

Charlie came to stay! Hooray! Last night was the first time he stayed up on the bed with us.  He usually prefers to sleep on the floor right next to the bed.

We think it was because he was frightened by the snoring that was coming from the other room.Yes, that’s what Mummy said.

A friend came to stay and she had a stuffed up nose.  As she started snoring around 2am – there was a bit of rustling going on. Mummy awoke to Charlie jumping up on the bed.  IMG_7358He sat upright next to her and looked with great concern over at the other room. He was all tensed – probably wondering what the sound was. Mummy kept telling him it’s ok, nothing to worry about. He then lifted his right paw – asking Mummy to hold it!!!! He is such a scaredy cat.

Georgie then decided to take matters into his own paws. He jumped off the bed, ran straight into the next room, duly jumped onto her and hit her face with his paw!  It woke her up and she stopped snoring. Well done, Georgie!

As for me, I’ve slept with her before. I wasn’t too worried about the racket! 🙂IMG_7363Poor Charlie – he still has so much to learn.IMG_6710P.S. Mummy thinks I need a haircut.IMG_6706_2


  1. Margaret Danks

    Did you not get enough sleep MissD? You look a bit grumpy x

  2. Margaret Danks

    …and May, is there any room for you?

  3. Charlie looks v cute xx

  4. Jill

    Hmm Miss Darcy. I think Mummy may be right. Your flowing locks on your face do make you look a little sad. Well done Georgie for tackling the problem! Poor Anne.. Hope she doesn’t mind that her snoring is the subject of your blog. Us humans can be a little sensitive about such things you know! I hope she soon gets over her snuffles.

  5. Samantha Jane Smith

    I love George!

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