Ready to Fly

Mummy got a new bag for George to fly in-cabin. Not me though as I am too big for any of these IATA approved bags. 🙁It came folded up – so it can be easily stored.IMG_6164We had trialed George in it last week when we travelled to Norfolk and he passed the test.  But tomorrow they are going on a plane – a little different to being in a train but I am sure George will be fine. He is very brave and he can see Mummy from inside the bag.

I’ve done my bit of air travelling – due to ignorance on Mummy’s part we had managed to get onto flights with the wrong bag – but that was all down to the airline discretion!!! If Mummy knew what she knows now, she would never have done it and taken me to Stockholm and Milan – flying in cabin.  LOL!!!!

Now George gets the privilege.  He’s been to the vet – no, no, no Georgie – do not stick your tongue at Mr. Butt.IMG_3004 and he’s had a hair cut. IMG_3063 His ears have been trimmed – otherwise he looks like he’s got two pigtails! LOL!IMG_3065 Bon voyage Georgie!

May’s comment: Sleepy Pod is the only in-cabin travel bag that meets every IATA regulation. And thankfully George is all of 5.5kg so with the bag he is still under 8kg.

So our adventure begins tomorrow as we fly from London Heathrow with Lufthansa to Frankfurt.  And then we travel by train to Dusseldorf before getting on a plane to Palma!  Long journey but at least I have one of my pooches with me.

But before getting on the flight, he needed a check-up to be sure he is fit to fly.IMG_3005His eyes got cleanedIMG_3008 And his heart was good.IMG_3010All set and ready to go. Now just need to pack.


  1. Debbie

    What will you be doing Darcy?

  2. Fiona Hampton

    Hi, what lucky poos you have.. My question is do you pay extra for a dog or just the normal seat price? And what about in the airport ?.
    Fiona x

    • Miss Darcy

      Yes you do have to pay extra, not as much as the next seat as they have to be on the floor.
      In airport depending on where you are, you can walk them on lead but have a feeling at Heathrow he will have to be in bag.

  3. julie mcevilly

    Have a lovely trip! Looking forward to your blogs. I’m sure Darcy will have a fabulous time also. It’s so exciting for you to be able to fly with one of your babies at least! Safe journey xx

  4. Megan

    This is very exciting news! I drove 13 hours to the South of France because I didn’t want to put Scout in the hold. He is 7kgs. Is it just Lufthansa who allow this? Any info you can share will be greatly appreciated!

    • Miss Darcy

      Scout will have to be within 8kgs inside the container. Besides Lufthansa I believe Swiss Air flies with dogs out of Heathrow. Possibly Austrian Air. I have yet to ask if Alitalia does. My problem is I can only take one.

  5. margaret danks

    Have a great time Georgie. MissD will miss you I’m sure x

  6. Karen Walker

    Enjoy your new experience little Georgie!! X

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