Heidi hi-ho!

Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Others stay for awhile and linger in our hearts.  In this case, Heidi came into my life and then disappeared and then she returned again!

When I was about seven months old, Mummy had to leave for Malaysia to see her father who was very ill.

Mummy had not heard about the House of Mutt then so I went to stay with Heidi.  She was Mummy’s tennis coach.  She loves dogs especially me!!!

On weekends when she wasn’t playing tennis, she used to take me to the parks to give Mummy the much needed breaks. You know how Mummy was back then – she was a bit tired of having to walk me five times a day and she felt “trapped”.

But I had lots of fun with Heidi – she took me to Hampstead Heath and threw me a tennis ball – obviously!  I learnt to play fetch with her.IMG_2977She took me to the beach and I ran like crazy!

Well, I also used to have runny tummies and I had a couple of accidents at her place – you remember my runny tummies because I was eating food that did not agree with me.IMG_2976But through it all, Heidi still thinks I am the best.

Then she disappeared from our lives for a long while until this week when she called and asked if Mummy needed her to take us for a walk.

When the doorbell rang, I knew it was Heidi!!!! I was beside myself. I pulled and pulled and ran as fast as I could to the gate.

It’s like old times again.IMG_2975Love you Heidi even though now I have to share you with George.

May’s comment: She remembered Heidi even after almost four years later.  Her enthusiasm and passion exceeds anyone else who comes to see her. Maybe it’s because she knew that Heidi took care of her when I was somewhat lost in myself.

The two smaller photos were taken by Heidi took when she was seven months old – I didn’t have too many of those.  She was one cutie and today she is one pretty girl.

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