Windows of Life

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Thought for the day.

Each of us have windows of opportunity presented to us every day …IMG_9319 And how we respond to each of them creates our destiny.IMG_9320 May’s comment: Walking around Notting Hill and came across these two arches on Lambton Place and couldn’t resist taking a photo of doggies on them.IMG_9318London is full of quirky little things. I love discovering these little surprises hidden away along quieter streets.

And then the real estate person in me was thinking – wow – that’s expensive real estate right there behind the arches leading to the front door of the house – wonder why they couldn’t have made that into an entrance hall! Must have something to do with the Council! LOL!

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  1. dick firestone

    How much are those doggies in the window…..( sorry, couldn’t help myself)

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