40 Shades of Green

They weren’t kidding when they said it’s very green in Ireland!  I kept looking longingly out of the window of the car as we drove to Connemara – wining I could run in the vast open fields.IMG_8639

It was a beautiful scenic route …IMG_8582 especially when we drove along Sky Road. IMG_8596 We stopped to admire the view …IMG_8603And to take photos.IMG_8600We were told that if you looked way into the distance – you can see America.

Along the way we stopped at Kylemore Abbey.IMG_8613 Once a story of romance, this was a castle built by Mitchell Henry for his wife back in 1867. But through the twist of fate, from romance and happiness to tragedy and sadness, this place changed ownership. It became an Abbey in the 1920s and eventually a boarding school for girls. But the school too closed in 2010.IMG_8619 Here’s Wendeline taking a photo of the castle to make sure her beau knows what to build for her back in Dallas!IMG_8617I did not get to go inside the Abbey but stayed with Mr. Eamon who had driven us on this beautiful route. We went to the Gift Shop and I had to constantly stop to have my photo taken. 🙂  Someone told Mr. Eamon that more people have taken photos of me than the Abbey! I was a little embarrassed.  Didn’t mean to outdo this famous landmark.IMG_8625After the Abbey we drove on – along more shades of green, alongside beautiful lakes.IMG_8636Sometimes we whizzed by so fast – but the camera still caught the various shades of greenIMG_8640 And as the fog began to set in – the green of the land was magicalIMG_8684 IMG_8688While the green in Ireland was expected – and as beautiful as they say it is. We definitely was not expecting skies of blue!IMG_8597We must have the luck of the Irish!

We also had a few laughs along the way. You see this rather imposing statue on the side of the road …

IMG_8578 This is what was inscribed at the base …IMG_8571 LOL! This was a ploy by the shop across the road – Joyces Craft Shop. They figured – tourists will stop to look at any statues and take photos. And then they will have a good laugh and visit the store. Well, we had not one good laugh but two!

This was the other statue right behind it – IMG_8576 And this is what it said.IMG_8575 We did took our photos but we didn’t stop at the shop.IMG_8573

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