A Guinness and a Grammy

Our friend Eamon who drove us on the beautiful route in Connemara took us to a pub at Westport called Matt Molloy’s.

It was Wendeline’s and Mummy’s first taste of one. They weren’t so sure at first – and was actually more interested in the Grammy awards. They belong to Matt Molloy who was a member of The Chieftains.

Here’s me with one of the Grammies, doing the HMV pose – 🙂IMG_8648Back to this much talked about drink –IMG_8656 We had to do a pose for the Grammies – there were two.10408905_735668009841637_7746673840648908965_nHere we are!IMG_8652 Well, that went down fast, Mummy!IMG_8662We met lots of lovely people in the pub. At first they weren’t sure about me going in but they were intrigued by my Bertie Wax Jacket …

This is Bernie – we had a lovely chat and maybe we’ll come back again to Westport.IMG_8657

This is Margaret holding me and her friend Charlie.IMG_8666 Margaret said I reminded her of her Nippy – a border collie cross. I got lots of cuddles from her. IMG_8665And of course our drinking buddy, Wendeline.IMG_8667

May’s comment: Owned by one of the members of The Chieftains – it was supposedly the best place for a Guinness. We were a little unsure about trying it. But when we did – I actually liked it.

My father always had a Guinness every evening when he came home from work. I used to like the smell of it – but remember daring to take a tiny sip once and didn’t like it. But then I was about 10!

So I drank my first Guinness – in Ireland.IMG_8654To my Dad!IMG_8668

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  1. Maggie Danks

    I tried Guiness before and didn’t like it at all. Then when we went to Dublin and toured the Guiness factory, we got a free one. I must admit it tasted competely different. You look like you are having a great time MissD,, but I bet you are missing GP. X

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