Who is this St. George?

Just thought I’d read up about this Saint George

23rd April is St. George’s Day – named for the patron saint of England who has become famous from stories that he slayed a dragon and saved a distressed maiden.

The truth of the matter is that St. George had never set foot in England, but he had been seen fighting for the English. In 1415 he became the official patron saint of England.

May’s comment: We don’t know when is George’s birthday. We know his Gotcha Day (15th September). Just so he doesn’t lose out on a day to celebrate him, we use this day of the patron saint to honour him.

Happy St. George’s Day!

We’ll be home soon.


  1. Cheryl

    Happy Birthday George! I bet you’ll celebrate when mum and Darcy return home. Meanwhile take care to not over do it.
    Praying for continued healing.

  2. cheryl

    Happy birthday, sweet St George, you’l soon be chasing squirrels again! love Cheryl and Susie x

  3. Julie mcevilly

    Happy birthday George. Hope you are feeling better and not missing mummy and Darcy to much. Have a lovely relaxing day. Julie & Bailey x

  4. Kathy shoulders

    Happy Birthday sweet George!

  5. Lucy Cronin

    Happy Birthday George! Hope you are recovering from your surgery. Hopefully you will be back to normal soon. ❤️ From Luca & Lucy ❤️?❤️

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