Onwards we go …to Paris

Birthday celebrations must come to an end – at least for the day. The rest of the year – that’s another matter.

One last look around while waiting for a taxi to Nice Ville.

We’ve had a really special time here at La Colombe d’Or.

Over the last couple of days, I’ve been trying to convince Ellen to like dogs – she’s not keen on us so I am trying to make her feel loved.

We boarded the train to Paris – and it was a very long train ride – six hours.

Are we there yet?

We arrived in Paris at almost 23.00 – still a lot of people around the train station as everyone seems to be returning to Paris after a long Easter weekend.

Whenever we’re in Paris, we always use this car service – G7 – that way we can let them know that I am travelling with Mum.

We still had to wait till they found a driver who would take us.

I wasn’t the only tired dog!

Will someone take us please? We were both very tired – just wanted to get to the hotel.

Soon enough, a lovely cab driver turned up holding the sign “Nei Wong” – we were so happy to see a sign with some resemblance of our name.

Goodbye Gare de Lyon!

During the journey he told us he had a Maltese but it was run over by a police car on the chase!

We arrived at Hotel Monte Cristo – trying a new dog-friendly hotel, found through Mr. and Mrs. Smith – and in an area that we’re not so familiar with – on the Left Bank.

Upon entering, I think Mum approved the decor …

And the hallways …
And our room – 204 at Monte Cristo

Ahhhh, I am just so happy to finally be able to rest …

And I wish she would stop taking photos of me!!!

May’s comment:

We left Saint Paul de Vence for Paris. Being Easter Monday, no trains were running before noon. The train we took did not leave Nice till almost 17.00 – and it was a six hour train journey. It was completely full.

There’s a car service in Paris which is fab when travelling with dogs. But we couldn’t book a car in advance. On arrival we went out to the taxi rank and was in the process of calling a G7 taxi when someone approached us about a taxi – offering to take dogs. The driver comes over and confirmed he was happy to take dogs – he’s an Uber driver but it would cost 50 Euros. No thanks.

We called G7 and being so late, they had difficulty finding a dog-friendly driver but he did turn up within 7 minutes.  While waiting for the G7 driver, another driver approached me and suggested he offered “luxury car service” aka Uber but he needed his Waze App to figure out where the hotel was – and for 1.8mi – he again wanted 50 Euros.

All this to say – as has always been my experience with cab drivers in Paris -they are mostly against taking dogs. But it seems if you pay over the top then suddenly all allergies, cultural and religious beliefs go out the window. But G7 has proven to be a big saviour.

Telephone number for G7 – +

We arrived at Monte Cristo – a dog-friendly hotel that we found through Mr and Mrs Smith services – and this might be a new fave in Paris. LOVE the decor.

But on arrival – we were late so there was someone at the desk for the night. I inquired if Darcy can join me for breakfast at the bar. He wasn’t sure. We went to ask the bar-tender. He wasn’t sure. And another worker said – don’t think so – because the other guests may not like. And the thought went through my mind – I think you don’t like dogs, but suggested I speak to the manager the next morning.

The end result – I’d like to report – of course Darcy was welcome at breakfast. And in fact all the guests at breakfast were so delighted to see her and the staff were too.

Paris is also not how everyone thinks it is. It is NOT automatically dog-friendly everywhere – you do have to ask.

Tomorrow – Paris for half a day and then going home.

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