A Bank Holiday of good intentions

Well, the Bank Holiday weekend began with good intentions.

Actually we were driven out of our flat by the decorators. They were working even on a Bank Holiday weekend – which, on one hand, made Mummy very appreciative of them. IMG_7291On the other hand, we had to leave our flat as they were painting the woodwork.  They told Mummy – no dogs in the flat for at least six hours just in case any of our fluff was flying around.  Even though we don’t moult, or at least only very little, Mummy took that as a good reason to go out for breakfast.

Mummy had this idea that we would start the weekend with a healthy breakfast.IMG_7295We went to LOMAX on Fulham Road, Chelsea.  LOMAX is a healthy eatery which offers tailored pay-as-you-go fitness, nutrition, and wellbeing.
It was rather empty. We thought must be because it’s a bank holiday, or we’re early or it’s just Saturday.  IMG_7299It was all looking very organic and healthy – cucumber water and a carrot, apple and ginger juice to wash down …IMG_7300… this protein pancake served with hazelnut butter and agave.

Just as Mummy started to stuff her face with this rather large portion of pancakes, the cycle class was over!  Out poured individuals in slimline gym clothes, all looking a little flushed after having cycled at great speed the last hour!  Mummy, on the other hand sat bundled up in her layers and eating this rather heavy breakfast. Needless to say she was feeling very self-conscious at that point! LOL!

Well, I guess we will spend the rest of the morning walking it off.  So we proceeded along Fulham Road as we had a few things we needed to do.

We stopped in at OKA.  It had always been dog-friendly – we can tell by all the dog statutes (larger than George) scattered throughout the store.IMG_7316And they thought it was so cute that George sat on the counter when Mummy was making payment.IMG_7314She bought this very large mirror for the project she’s working on … hmmm, interesting. IMG_7308Do you think there are many occupants at this new project and they all need their own mirrors?

We walked to The Conran Shop further along Fulham Road and there were more mirrors!
IMG_7328 But we mostly sat around as Mummy tried out sofas and arm chairs.IMG_7321 It was so boring. I was looking so absolutely bored stiff that George had to make sure I was still moving.IMG_7327But while we were there, we met Julia from Stockholm. She’s in London with her family for the weekend – looking at all our lovely shops.
IMG_7331 She was totally in love with George.IMG_7332We spent a long time talking to them.  They have a 10-year-old black Labrador back home.

There were other doggies in Conran’s and George was keen to say hello to this little white fluff ball.IMG_7340After all that walking and then going home to find our kitchen completely covered up by the painters, Mummy thought she needed replenishment. Forget about another healthy drink or another salad, she went for a sirloin steak!   IMG_7366(At Maze Grill, Park Walk)

I think tomorrow we need to go to the park!

May’s comment: Good intentions to have a healthy weekend but felt a need to eat!


  1. Cheryl

    It’s the paint fumes, they make you want to eat! I’m not sure how true that is, but it’s as good an excuse as any!

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