A blessed year …

Always on this last day of the year, we look back and recall the many things that we had encountered.

January – a year ago, we spent the last day 2017 in Oslo after our cruise up the Norwegian coast to the Arctic. We got back to Oslo in time to welcome in 2018.

At The Thief Hotel! Headgear compliments of Catarina!

After almost three weeks of travelling through Scandinavia, we were only too happy to arrive in Dusseldorf – our German “hometown” – to see friends and have a little rest before we headed home to London.

Walking along Rheinallee – where Mum used to live! All the time she was there she never been down to the Rhine which is just across the street from her flat. That’s because she didn’t have a dog to walk.

February saw us getting back into some daily routines, and one morning when Mum and George were at Juice Baby for her daily breakfast …

George made friends with Minnie while Mum secretly took this photo of Minnie’s dad aka Frank Lampard! LOL!

I turned 7 at the end of February – and we had an Afternoon Tea party for my friends.

We celebrated my 7th birthday with friends at Egerton House Hotel – 12 cockapoos (including Le Mutt) and 12 hoomans!

March was white! White! White!

And we loved it!!!

Our friend Dante had moved to Rye and been telling us we must come and see this pretty town – and so we did.

Me, Barnaby, George, Dante

But soon after Mum was off to Koh Samui to see Little Tyke and Mini Tyke –

And we got to stay with Agnes and Pawel!!! Yay!

April was another big travel month for Mum’s birthday – and her wish to show me one of her favourite places – no, not Paris …

We had to stop over in Paris for the day because of some French train strike.

The next day we were on another long train journey to Milano!

Whilst there we saw lots of friends, walked the streets and visited the neighbourhood (Naviglio) where Mum once lived … it was a very hot day!

We left George with his human BFF, Victoria in Milan while Mum and I took another train to Venice on her birthday. She had always wanted to take me there – partly to relive her memories and to recreate new ones with me – that’s what she said every time we go to a place she has been before.

We stayed at The Gritti Palace

and had lunch at Harry’s Bar

It was a Bellini birthday!

before we went on the gondola.

And here’s the photo she wanted with me.

The month of May was not only my 7th Gotcha Day (16 May)

It was the beginning of the Summer of Love!

Freddie, Barnaby and George and I checked out the Chelsea Flower Show!

But it was also the month when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got married!

Off we went to Windsor with Marcel and Barnaby to join in the fun!
We stayed in a hotel right on the Main Street and saw the carriage go past us! Hip! Hip! Hooray!

June saw new members added to our extended family – Lucky and Polo became Little Tyke and Mini Tyke’s dogs.

And in East Malaysia, we have six new cousins!!!!

There were several movie premieres to go to –

And lucky us to have met Gok San!

July was the World Cup – it was all about ENGLAND and football!!!!

We believed!
We believed we were the Three Lions!!!! And George was”The Manager”!!! LOL! It was good while it lasted … and we had a lot of fun.

It was starting to be a dilemma: if England ended up in the finals, it would be the day we arrived in St. Tropez – and would be a bit difficult if we played France. Unfortunately England didn’t make it to the finals and it ended up being the day France won the World Cup!

So we enjoyed St Tropez with no fear of being antagonised for being English.
We had a lovely time with Marley and Yaena doing a tour of all the restaurants and beaches!

As we left the south of France, we made a stop at Lisieux in the north coast.

We had stopped to meet Wendy and little Clemmie!
She was a very excitable little pup and reminded Mum of me! 🙂

The next morning we went into Honfleur to check out this lovely town.

We need to explore the north coast more …

Back in the country, the summer was raging hot, hot, hot – and so happy to take some days off and we went to visit Hebe in Dorset.

We escaped to the countryside for some relief. Picturesque “Hovis Hill”

August is Little Tyke’s birthday and off Mummy went to celebrate his 8th birthday as wells to meet Lucky and Polo. She now has four reasons to visit Ko Samui. This was thankfully a quick trip.

Little Tyke with Lucky, Mum with Impostor, Mini Tyke with Polo

September came along and there was a friend’s birthday party in Dusseldorf! I was also invited but to only one of the two parties. 🙁

I’m glad I was invited to the one where we went up high up in the tallest building in Dusseldorf and saw the sun set over the city from above.

After all the partying, we didn’t come home but flew to Helsinki instead

We were so happy to meet Johanna and Myrsky.
We went to Suomelina for the day.

And while we were there, Mum had wanted to sail to St Petersburg but she couldn’t figure out how dogs would work with the 72 hour visa. Instead we went to Estonia …

A day in Tallinn! That was fun and the 20th country I’ve been to!

But there were still so many places in the UK to visit – and one that had intrigued us is the Isle of Wight – because we know a few cockapoos on the island! So soon after we returned from Finland, we took a trip with Barnaby, Freddie and Oscar …

“Five go to Isle of Wight!”
For an Instagram Cockapoo meet!!!

But we weren’t done yet with beaches – especially with the hot weather …

We were off to Holkham with Barnaby and Lola. We went to the beach – can you tell by how bedraggled I looked. That was the beginning of me being “beach babe” …
And visited the Holkham estate.
And of course we had dinner at The Olive Branch in Clipsham – a very special place for Mum and I. This was really the beginning of our story – that’s where Mum first heard about cockapoos.

We sure went to a lot of places but September is always a happening month.

It was also London Fashion Week and we met Victoria Beckham – quite unexpectedly!  

She was really kind and she didn’t mind carrying me. Most celebrities wouldn’t want dog hair on their clothes but she readily scooped me up in her arms from Mum! Respect!

October brought us another surprise!

We were on the cover of Dogs Monthly! And I think we helped sellout the magazine!

But there was something important we had to do in October.

Team Sleeping Ruff – Mac, Maisie, Freddie, Barnaby, George and I and also Uka and Oggy – along with our hoomans, we spent the night sleeping out at the Duke of York Square.
This was to raise money for Glass Door London – a homeless charity. Along that we also contributed to DOTS London – for the dogs of the homeless.

And rather unexpectedly, Mum said I would be going to St Tropez again – this time with Marley and Yaena only. Mum was off to Koh Samui again and George got to go to the House of Mutt! This time she was gone for a long while!

I’ve got my bikini this time and ready to go.
I spent almost a month away – the longest time I’ve been away from Mum. It was then that I learnt to really love the beaches.

As the year rolled on and November came along, we had lots of plans before all the Christmas celebrations began …

While I was away in St Tropez, George took my place and did his first “catwalk” –
Strutting his stuff and looked fabulous in a yellow sweater – Mum loved the look of all the faces of the hoomans in the audience!
After being away for almost a month, I was on my way home from St. Tropez. Mum couldn’t wait another day longer so she took the train to Paris and we had our rendezvous there!

November always means wearing poppies and this year, it was giving thanks to all those who sacrificed their lives in the First Great War.

We were fortunate to be present to partake in the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI – remembering all the animals at war. We wore our purple poppies for them.
And found ourselves in the papers the next day.
But before any of the Christmas celebrations began, Barnaby and I took a quick trip to Bristol to visit with Coco!
Mum was so excited she saw a few more Banksy art!

December is Christmas! December arrived very quickly – and we’ve had a blast this year doing so many things with our friends.

We had our Nativity play! We went to a Carol concert and had lots of parties with friends!
December’s parties started with our Doodle Christmas Party!
29 doodles and 42 hoomans for Afternoon Tea on the Brigit Bus
We finally saw Father Christmas before we left for our Christmas break.

After an eventful year, I guess that’s why Mum wanted some down time for ua.

We went to Loose Reins – a place where Mum had been planning to go to the last couple of years – to enjoy the quiet of the Dorset countryside.
After some solitude, we returned to Hebe and Blaze’s home for the remaining days of the year – the best way to wrap up 2018.

This had been a year when we met sooooo many new friends and we did so much together. It would take us forever to mention all of them but we wanted to say thank you to those who came a long way to see us …

Maya and her parents visited us from Malta!
Sian visited from Chicago
Fay-Lin and her sister from Singapore and Malaysia
Ivana and Mark from Melbourne
Deborah came from California
Hilary came from New Jersey

But some friends we met briefly and then Chelsea and Isla left for Singapore – and we look forward to their return.

Chelsea and

But during the course of the year, we also said goodbye to some very dear friends …

Dear Gus left us on January
It was a matter of time but it was still extremely difficult to receive new about Maddie crossing the Rainbow Bridge in March,

May’s comment: New Year’s Eve is always a time of reflection of the year past. In our busy lives, we often forget all the the things we’ve been blessed with and the things that took place in the last 365 days. It is a good thing to look back to count our blessings, be thankful and help to set our priorities.

2018 brought us many new friends, new experiences, many new opportunities and lots of fun times.

Who knew Darcy would become such a “beach babe.” I think what’s more surprising is how relaxed I am when she goes chest deep in the water and then decide to roll around in the sand. Her reputation of being the greediest dog ever precedes her! She has an insatiable appetite! And even though she appears to be aloof most of the time, I know she loves me more than anyone else, misses me like crazy when I am away and will cuddle up every morning before the day began. She is very much my dog!

George’s year was plagued with issues! He began the year being sick almost every night for two months before I finally found a way to help him – gave him more food! Consequently, he put on quite a bit of weight, including Darcy. I lessened the amount and gave him some milk before bedtime which helped to solve his problem. His luxating patella persisted, he still hates riding in cars, he came back from stay away with conjunctivitis and he managed to tear his CCL – but he’s a tough little guy who just gets on with life. Maybe a tad too much. He had become vocal with things he didn’t care for – trucks, buses, vans and motorbikes. We live in a big city so it was a bit tedious walking with him on the streets! At home, he cannot be any sweeter – the most loving, attention seeking little boy.

We’re looking forward to 2019. Our New Year’s mindfulness – to be grateful, to always look at a glass half full and enjoy the moments.

Thank you to all of you for reading our stories every day of this year. Your comments mean a lot to us – even though we don’t reply to all of them. We hope you will continue to journey with us again in 2019. But for tonight, wherever you are, we wish you a magical HAPPY NEW YEAR!


  1. Jill Keiser

    Thank you for the review of the year! We will always be grateful for you sharing your interesting life in London and everywhere you go around the world! Also, the way you educate us about nutrition for dogs and other necessary information that makes our dogs’ lives better!

  2. Cheryl

    Happy New Year! I wish you health, happiness and many blessings in the new year.
    What I want to know is how you managed to fit extra days into the year! You did way more than the number of days would allow!
    Thank you for the fireworks video, it was fabulous! I told my husband we should have spent the holidays in London. Perhaps next year!

    • Miss Darcy

      Hi Cheryl! We can’t wait for you to come to London. Happy New Year to you and yours! And may it be magical! X

  3. Liz Burman

    Wow what wonderful adventures you’ve had in 2018! Here’s to many many more in 2019.😍😍😍

  4. Peggy Reynolds

    Wow what a year. I love reading about your adventures. Happy New Year x

  5. Lyndsey

    Happy New year May. You have done so much, and so much travelling. What adventures your two have. Thanks for all the time, effort and hard work that goes into sharing it with us, Lyndsey x

    • Miss Darcy

      Happy New Year Lyndsey!!!! Thank you for travelling with us!!! May your 2019 be magical!

  6. Anne Rowlands

    Happy new year to you all. Bella and I look forward to reading about your adventures in 2019. We’re really hoping to meet up with you in the coming months

  7. Laura Cordovano

    Thank you May for remembering my Gus ❤️. I lost my sister and step sister this year as well. It has made the holidays particularly poignant as the losses brought us all so much closer in my family. Sadly, my family members are not dog people so I kept the pain of not having Gus this year to myself. Seeing your tribute just now touched my heart very deeply. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful adventures. You, Darcy and George have brought me many hours of happiness. Wishing you health and happiness and many more spectacular adventures in 2019. ❤️

  8. Sarah Jones

    Happy New Year May, Darcey and George. We love reading your posts, thank you for sharing your adventures. We go everywhere with our Mum & Dad too ( we always have our passports at the ready)
    Mia (Bolognese) Maisie (Maltese Terrier) & Murphy (Cockapoo)

    Take care & wishing you all the best for 2019 x

    • Miss Darcy

      Happy New Year Sarah! Thank you for travelling with us through the last year. We look forward to another year of sharing!!! Xxx

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