Let’s get going!

Just one more minute …

I want to stay like that for a while longer. There are 365 days to muddle through.

Darcy! There’s an English breakfast being cooked downstairs.”

Make haste then, Mum!
Hello Sun! We haven;t seen you for a few days.
Have you come out to wish us a bright new year?

But there was something we needed to do today …

Jane and Christoph drove all of us to Studland Bay for our Beach Walk on the First Day of the Year. It’s our tradition to always be near a body of water – which represents cleansing, and looking out to the horizon.

Hebe with ball
Me asking the ball to be chucked!
And Mum chucked it in the water!
Got it!

We were obviously not the only ones with the same idea.

But George preferred to stay on the beach, as we expected –

So I went chasing after him.

We didn’t walk all the way, and soon turned back –

On the way, we met Barney and Teddy cockapoos

Barney and Teddy

We walked up to the dunes and saw a whole different landscape

Along the way we met little Pip …

She was just a 11 week puppy cockapoo
Mum thinks she reminded her of me

We drove onto Kimmeridge Bay …

We are ready for new horizons!
The sun was already starting to set

On our way home …

Pooped poos – me, Hebe, Blaze
George was quite panty but he was ok whenever the window was open.

Thank you Christoph and Jane for helping us fulfill our New Year’s day tradition.

May’s comment: Happy first day of the year!

Every year since Darcy was one, we always went to a beach somewhere –

George, don’t look back. Let’s all look forward to the year ahead.

The water symbolises cleansing and the horizon symbolises the future and looking forward.


  1. Kathy

    Happy New Year May, Darcy and George!!

  2. Lin ponchaud

    Happy new year to you all.
    Archie and I miss the beautiful beaches and scenery of Dorset but we are getting settled back near Bristol with family and loved ones which makes life easier. Fingers crossed that 2019 will be a good year. Onwards and upwards xx

  3. Pam Eulberg

    What a wonderful tradition! I so enjoy your blog. Whenever you post videos our little Cavapoo, Maggie, really listens and watches too! Thank you for sharing your lives with us. Happy New Year to Miss Darcy, George and of course, May!

  4. Cheryl

    Happy New Year! May it bring health, happiness and adventures for all of you!

  5. Valerie

    Happy New Year May, Darcy and George! What fun! George seems to be getting around just fine on all four paws. Thanks for the pics and videos. Bella the Labradoodle, watches and listens with great interest!

  6. Margaret Danks

    I’m just catching up with the posts so Happy New Year May, Darcy and George. Thank you for your wonderful posts, they certainly brighten my day. 🐾❤️

    • Miss Darcy

      Happy New Year! Thank you Margaret! As long as we can help brighten your day, we will keep blogging! x

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