A Canine Social Evening in Chelsea

Amongst Instagrammers, bloggers, proud pooch owners, we mingled at jeweller, Tessa Packard’s studio in Chelsea.

We were at the launch party for Dr. Marvin J. Firth’s County Canine.And there were a few of us there, But I soon spotted a familiar face – Uncle Sven!I remembered he gave me lots of Rockster food and I gulped it all up!  Hello Rockster! Sorry you didn’t make it

to the party.How is it going, Uncle Sven?
And more familiar faces – Hello Amelia! – nice to see you again in the flesh after seeing you all the time on Instagram –– as she looked at me curiously! Who are you? LOL!

There were lots of white fluffy canines – Kiki And KonaMummy had a nice long chat with Tito’s mummy about travelling with dogsLots of little ones … As the hoomans chatted about their dogsWell, hello, you’re the biggest dog at the party!And this is Smartie, Tessa’s petShe must have been wondering who were all those pooches who have invaded her space.

I got to meet fellow blogger, Belinha from The Dog VineAnd soon it was time for Dr. Frith to make a speech and we We were waiting for Dr. Marvin Firth to give his speech.All of us listening intently And there we were, the social canines – us and Dr. FirthAnd there were some very eager dog owners at the social event! I was sitting next to Dr. Frith and somehow got pushed to the side! LOL!

So Mummy decided, well, I shall have my picture taken with just Dr. Frith and the pooch in residence! May’s comment: County Canine offers London’s first regular clinic and service to dogs offering assessments in pain management and mobility under the direction of experienced veterinary surgeon, Dr. Marvin J. Firth. Consultations include traditional veterinary medicine alongside additional therapies of chiropractic, acupuncture, laser therapy and physiotherapy techniques assist in improving quality of life and rehabilitation.



  1. Margaret Danks

    Oooh Dr Firth is a bit of alright lol.

  2. Thank you so much for coming along! It was lovely to meet you and Miss Darcy! Hopefully we can meet up soon and if I can offer any advice or help to you and your followers do let me know 🙂

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