A Special Visitor for George

I couldn’t believe my eyes! What a nice surprise!!!

It’s my friend Victoria! I didn’t think I would ever see her again when she moved to Milano.But she came back to see me!!!!

My usually aloof sister, Darcy was surprisingly getting into the act.She was trying to look adorable but I know what she’s doing.  My sister might be this proper little lady – most of the time but when it comes to food – she looses all her manners and cool.She remembered that Victoria always had treats in her pockets.

Victoria was amused but not amused …She did reveal the treats in her pocket. Well, Darcy was right – but, seriously. Little Miss Piggy is what we call her.Victoria, thank you for making such an effort to come and see us, ahem, really – me.Are we going for a walk?Yay! It’s like old times, Victoria.And I wanted to thank her daddy for bringing Victoria to see me.I was trying to give him a kiss but he wanted none of that!He told me, “You have no idea how many hours we’ve spent talking about you, George!”


May’s comment: More than three years ago, a little girl called Victoria learnt about Darcy and George through the Christmas cards we sent every year to her parents. She loved dogs but couldn’t have pets at where she lived. She started to get ideas in her head – and asked her Daddy if she can meet both doggies. She did and soon fell in love with George. Who doesn’t?Victoria saw George ever so often. They spent days together on weekends, and went for walks.  She “borrowed” other dogs sometimes but none matched up to George.  He was so spoilt by her.

Last summer, Victoria and her family moved to Milan, but she never forgot George.

When they knew they were coming back to London this weekend, she had a request – to see George. But we’re leaving for our holidays so it would be brief.

When George saw Victoria, he definitely remembered her and knew it was his special friend.  They took him for a walk in Kensington Gardens before returning him. So in planning our trip to Italy next month, we had to factor in Victoria and Georgie time.

It’s a special relationship. 🙂


  1. Lucy Cronin

    So sweet! I ❤️George, too. I wonder how Luca would get along with George?

  2. Lynne Gleed

    No one can stand in the way of true love. Not even the fluffy kind. It’s the very best G&V. Totally fab u lous xxxxx

  3. Cheryl

    How sweet. George is a cutie! Italy with the dogs next month, wow, you are all certainly world travelers!

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