A Dog is Not for Christmas Only

A group of us went to a lovely Carol Concert in aid of the Dogs Trust Hope Project.Fred, Coco, Barnaby, YuunaOggy and UkaAnd Bruno.

We all looked a little drenched when we arrived  So when is the service starting?But we soon got into the serviceThe person at the pulpit sure tells the hoomans to SIT quite a lot. I suppose it was meant for us as well. George was intrigued by the choir singing –

And I listened to the readings.  One of the reading was an adaptation of Twas the Night Before Christmas – about dogs in need of a home, and how Dogs Trust have played a big part in helping out.

Mum loves singing carols but we we’re not so into it.
May’s comment:  What a lovely service it was! Dogs Trust Carol Concert in aid of the Hope Project to help dogs belonging to the homeless, providing free vet care. 

To learn more about the Hope Project, go to www.dogstrust.org.uk

The Carol Concert was held at Chelsea Old Church – which we found out welcome dogs!!! Found our church!



  1. Valerie

    May – I love living in London through yours and Darcy and George’s eyes!

  2. Laura Cordovano

    George listening to the choir is everything!!! ??

  3. Kathy Shoulders

    The look on little George’s face when the choir was singing is priceless! He looked so into it. I love living the London life thru you and your babies May. It would be so amazing to have half of the dog friendly places around here like it is there.

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